Labour Market Information (LMI) describes all kinds of information used to make labour market decisions.

LMI includes information about:

  • Jobs that are available in certain locations or sectors
  • Salaries
  • Employers that are hiring/laying off
  • Working conditions
  • What employers are looking for
  • Job areas that likely will grow or shrink
  • Unemployment rates
  • The education/training needed for certain jobs or sectors
  • Information about the people who are working in a location or sector

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Local Labour Market Data

On this page you will find all of this information and much more. Below are various reports that highlight a certain piece of LMI for the Windsor-Essex region:

Educational Attainment of Windsor-Essex looks at the educational attainment of Windsor-Essex residents over time, as well as gender differences and resulting incomes based on education levels.

Apprenticeship in Windsor-Essex and Ontario highlights the current trends of new registered apprentices by providing an overview of their gender, group designation, education levels, and trade preferences.

Windsor-Essex Demographics provides an overview of the population, language trends, and income levels for each municipality in Windsor-Essex.

Windsor-Essex Migration reviews migration trends for the Windsor-Essex region between 2011-2016.

Windsor-Essex Job Demand Report provides a monthly overview of the most common jobs posted for, employers hiring for the most positions, and the skills and education levels that are most sought out by employers.

Labour Force Survey Results provides a monthly overview of the number of people in the labour force, the unemployment and employment rate, and the participation rate for the Windsor census metropolitan area.

2016 Windsor-Essex Wages

2016 Windsor-Essex Wages provides a full list of local wage information for all occupations, categorized by National Occupation Classification Codes.

size of industry in Windsor-Essex by number of workers BY MONTH  (FeB. 2017 to FEB. 2018)

This table shows the number of workers in Windsor based on their industry over the last 12 months.

size of industry in windsor-Essex by number of workers in 2016

This table shows the number of workers in Windsor-Essex based on their industry in 2016.


Size of Industry in Windsor-Essex by Number of Workers 2013-2017

This table shows the number of workers in Windsor based on their industry from 2013-17.

community data profiles