Settlement Success. Together.

The WE Value Partnership connects newcomers to services, opportunities, and people.

The WE Value Settlement Assessment is available through the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario in Windsor, London and Sarnia, South Essex Community Council (SECC) in Leamington, and the YMCA of the National Capital Region in Ottawa.

When you book a WE Value Settlement Assessment, you work with a settlement advisor to answer questions around your goals in Canada, your education and employment experience, your skills, and your needs. You will receive a customized settlement and referral plan that connects you to your new community, which may include education opportunities, employment and income supports, health care services, and community, recreation, and cultural organizations!

Interested in learning more about the WE Value Partnership? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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See our archived reports and event materials here.

The WE Value Partnership began as a project funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) Fund, and is lead by The YMCA of Southwestern Ontario with its partners Workforce WindsorEssex and the University of Windsor. Together they worked to plan, develop, implement and test their new settlement assessment and client management system in Southwestern Ontario. This work was completed between 2018 and 2021.

In the Fall of 2021, the WE Value Partnership started growing again as both the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario and the University of Windsor’s School of Computer Science both received uniquely funded SDI Projects to explore: the K2 Client Portal Initiative and Artificial Intelligence in relation to WE Value.

The K2 Client Portal Initiative now extends WE Value’s K2 Pathway to Settlement System to clients, assessing the effectiveness of client portals as a tool for service delivery and client empowerment. Clients will be able to access and add to their settlement plans, book appointments and explore articles and resources online. Artificial Intelligence: Leveraging Newcomers’ Pathway to Settlement will assess the benefits of using AI to build settlement plans, analyze data and standardize decision-making.

  • For newcomers: WE Value means less confusion, more confidence and increased self worth through streamlined experiences and fruitful community connections and a customized settlement plan. It will also lead to more opportunities to use assets, skills, talents and gifts while adjusting to a happy, safe, confident life as community members.
  • For community influencers and partners:  WE Value will allow access to assets, skills, talents and gifts of newcomers provide resources that will deepen evidence-based approaches to serving new immigrants resulting in positive community impact.
  • For service providers: WE Value means the coming together to streamline processes and enhance experiences, all toward greater integration, welcoming communities, and the success of newcomers.
  • For employers, WE Value will provide reliable data on the skills, knowledge and opportunities new immigrants to the region offer, along with a framework and network of support.
  • For our communities: WE Value will emerge as a national model for communities. It will mean understanding the value of welcoming immigrants and an abundance of opportunity for all by helping newcomers to realize their potential locally.

See our latest data dissemination reports from March 2023:

See our archived reports and event materials here.


To help you get to know the Client Portal and how you can use it to support you on your settlement journey in Canada, we’ve created a series of short videos that walk you through all the features and functions it offers. Follow the links below, or use playlist we created to watch them in order!

VIDEO 1: Introduction

VIDEO 2: Home & Navigation

VIDEO 3: My Referrals

VIDEO 4: Resources


To get the most out of your WE Value Client Portal, access your Client Portal User Manual.

Client Portal User Manual

For more information about the WE Value Partnership, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Partner Portal Training Videos

Follow along with our playlist or select an individual video below for a walkthrough of the WE Value Partner Portal and its features.

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Partner Portal User Guide

View the Partner Portal User Guide wiki includes GIFs and fillable forms for bugs and feedback, and is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information related to the WE Value Partnership, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Partner Portal Support

For Partner Portal support, contact your local administrator:
Windsor – Aaron Fauteux
Leamington – Karen Marchand
Ottawa – Satheeka Hettigama

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WE Value Partnership – Client Cards

Matthew Dunlop
Regional Manager of Welcoming Communities & Innovation Strategies
YMCA of Southwestern Ontario
(519) 982-5625 (textable)

Partner Portal Support
Windsor – Aaron Fauteux
Leamington – Karen Marchand
Ottawa – Satheeka Hettigama