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2024 WE Value Data Sharing & Community Consultation Events

On February 29 and March 1, 2024, the WE Value Partnership held a two-day event which included a presentation from Jordan Thompson, Senior Director of Engagement at IRCC, about the future of Canada’s Immigration System, and a presentation from Dr. Reza Nakhaie, Professor of Sociology at the University of Windsor, which consisted of an analysis of data collected through the WE Value Partnership’s K2 Pathway to Settlement System. We have made available a recording of Dr. Nakhaie’s data analysis presentation, as well as a report which combines Dr. Nakhaie’s presentation slides and a set of additional reports.

Click here to view the recording of Dr. Nakhaie’s data analysis presentation.

Click here to view and download the full data reports.

Click here to download the Participant Workbook (with case studies and discussion questions) used in the 2024 Data Sharing & Community Consultation Events.

WE Value Year in Review 2022-2023

WE Value Year in Review 2022-23

2023- WE Value Data Sharing & Community Consultation

Follow the links to watch the event videos.

These reports represent a collection of slides as presented over four Data Sharing & Community Consultation events held on March 21, 2023. These events were hosted by the WE Value Partnership and the Windsor-Essex Local Immigration Partnership.

Socio-Cultural Integration (event video)

Health & Mental Health (event video)

Education & Employment (event video)

Housing & Neighbourhood (event video)

WE Value Year in Review 2021-2022:

WE Value Community Forum – September 22, 2021:

Follow along, and watch the event recording here.

You can watch the full conversation with Dr. Reza Nakhaie here.

Key Documents & Data Reports (2020 & 2021):

Key Documents & Partnership Updates (2020):