Workforce WindsorEssex leads regional employment and community planning for the development of a strong and sustainable workforce.



By April 2025, Workforce WindsorEssex will be the regional authority on proactive and long-term employment and community planning solutions, driving social outcomes through sustainable investment.



Workforce WindsorEssex will:

  • Develop a strong team and strong leaders by advancing proactive and long-term employment and community planning solutions.
  • Provide high quality resources and partnerships by offering services that influence community partners and delivers strong social outcomes.
  • Maintain a strong reputation with funders by becoming the regional authority on employment and community planning.
  • Sustain our work and organization by achieving operational excellence and strong social outcomes for our community.



As a living wage employer, we’re committed to paying the highest currently calculated living wage rate in Ontario to all Workforce WindsorEssex employees.

The Ontario Living Wage Network champions a living wage for Ontarians; an issue of particular concern as inflation and the cost of living continue to increase. As proud leader in this space, we believe that fair compensation for our employees translates to improved financial and overall well-being. To learn more visit: http://www.livingwage.ca 



Workforce WindsorEssex (legally Workforce Development Board Windsor Essex) was created as an independent, community-based board in October 2008 as a result of significant foundation work by the City of Windsor, County of Essex, WindsorEssex Economic Development Commission and Province of Ontario.