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About the Board

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Executive Board Members

Directors at Large


MEET OUR Resource members

  • City of Windsor
    • Andrew Daher, Executive Director of Employment & Social Services
    • Jelena Payne, Community Development and Health Commissioner and Corporate Leader Social Development and Health
  • Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities (Windsor office)
    • Nadine Crumb, Employment and Training Consultant
    • Alicia Sliepenbeek, Service Delivery Coordinator
    • Jennie Thornton, Service Delivery Manager
  • YMCA of Southwestern Ontario (Windsor Learning Centre)
    • Hugo Vega, Regional Manager of Settlement & Integration Services


Board Composition

The Board of Directors for Workforce WindsorEssex is comprised of 10 voting board members who are representative of the various sectors of the economy and in Windsor and Essex County. The board values diversity in its members and their individual opinions; however, the board governs by a majority. The board is supported by the executive, the internal and external affairs committees as well as resource members.


Executive Board Members

The board’s executive is comprised of the following officer positions: President (chairperson), Secretary (vice-chairperson) and Treasurer. The President, the Treasurer and the Executive Director have signing authority.


Ex-Officio Members

The Executive Director is a non-voting ex-officio member of the board. The Executive Director is the only employee of the organization who reports to the board, acting as a board. All other employees of Workforce WindsorEssex report to a supervisor or the Executive Director directly. The Executive Director may participate fully in the in-camera discussions of the board, unless he/she is conflicted.


Resource Members

Resource members are representatives of funding organizations who attend bi-monthly meetings to get updates on our projects and provide additional guidance to the Board during deliberations. Resource members are encouraged to fully participate in information meetings of the board and resource members. Information meetings have agendas but they do not have voting procedures.



Internal Affairs Committee

The internal affairs committee of the board is chaired by a board member and includes professionals from the community who have experience in the functional areas of finance, operations, and human resources. Any member of the board is welcome to attend any internal affairs committee meeting.


External Affairs Committee

The external affairs committee of the board is chaired by a board member and includes professionals from the community who have experience in the functional areas of communications, marketing, and revenue development. Any member of the board is welcome to attend any external affairs committee meeting.


Board Meeting Schedule

Board meetings occur bi-monthly on the second Thursday of the month beginning at 5 pm. In between board meetings, on the second Thursday of the month beginning at 5 pm, board members are joined by resources members for an information meeting. Although meetings in July and August


board member terms

Members of the board can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. Each term is a maximum of three years in duration. The board has no vacancies and is currently not recruiting new members at this time.



The Board commits itself and its members to ethical and businesslike conduct. This includes proper use of authority and appropriate decorum when acting as Board members.


articles of incorporation & BYLAWS


The Board was incorporated as Workforce Development Board Windsor Essex, a non-profit organization under the Ontario Corporations Act, on March 14, 2008, and given Ontario Corporation Number 1762309.

BY-LAW Number  1