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About the Local Workforce Planning Board

Workforce WindsorEssex operates as the local workforce planning board for the Windsor-Essex region. Local Workforce Planning Boards are independent not-for-profit corporations sponsored by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) to improve the condition of the labour market in their specified region of Ontario.

Each year many projects are undertaken to support jobseekers, students, employers, educators, and service providers in our community.

2021-22 Current Projects Include:

Project: Local Labour Market Plan Report

Project Overview:

The organization will develop an action plan with a 3-year outlook for the community, based on stakeholder consultations. The report will include an update on actions noted in the previous community plan. The report will be released at a virtual action planning event with community stakeholders.

There is a current pressing need for up to date information on the local labour market and initiatives in place to serve those in need. Updated data collected will improve the community’s understanding of varying needs in the community, considering needs that are present due to the current COVID-19 pandemic impacting Windsor-Essex and the previous economic and social challenges affecting local jobseekers, students, service providers, employers, educators, and government representatives. The data collected will also contribute to decisions made in organizing a coordinated response considering the needs of the workforce and the challenges and opportunities present in the rapidly-evolving labour market. In addition to COVID-19’s impact on our local economy, multiple employers (including Nemak and FCA) in the community are facing the need to lay off large masses of workers. The increase in those unemployed in our region will further impact our already high unemployment rate of 10.5% (March 2020), which has been consistently the highest for a region in Canada for the last three months.

The Local Labour Market Plan report will be developed and released to the community. Following the report’s release, an action planning event will be hosted to determine stakeholders in the community that are willing to take on relevant challenges and identify partners in the community to work together to address issues in our community.

Past reports can be viewed here.

Project Timeline: April 1, 2021 – February 26, 2022



Transportation Career Portal

Project Overview:

To promote careers in the transportation sector, an online career portal will be developed, providing information on various in-demand positions (ex. job duties, working conditions, required skills), including both traditional and non-traditional careers. Interviews will be shared monthly with workers in these positions, in addition to a virtual experiential learning activity hosted to improve jobseekers, students, and the publics understanding of transportation careers in our local community.

The local transportation sector has been facing many challenges in the last few years, including skills shortages, and technological advancements, and challenges regarding the border crossing. The transportation and warehousing industry is expected to grow 4.4% over the next five years, with multiple occupations being identified as in-demand consistently in Windsor-Essex. The landscape for the sector is everchanging and new technological advancements are being incorporated at many stages of operation, including truck mechanics increasingly becoming electronic-based, automation implemented in both automotive design and assembly, and then new technology emerging in fields such as automotive cybersecurity and blockchain. An online career guide will be developed to provide users (including job seekers, career changes, students, and recent graduates) with an overview of the various in-demand and emerging careers within the sector. The career guide will contain information on the local wage and salary associated with the positions, working conditions, possible job duties, locally available short and long-term training, and more. Interviews with local workers in these positions will be shared as well to provide a more local and personal experience for those interested in a career in, or wanting to learn more about a career in, the sector. A virtual learning event will be hosted for interested groups to hear from local employees in the sector, sharing their experiences of their career path, daily job duties, and educational background. This event will highlight both the traditional and newly created career opportunities in this expansive sector.

Project Timeline: April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022



Explore Entrepreneurship

Project Overview:

Resources will be developed to support clients of employment and settlement service providers, local jobseekers, and students and recent graduates looking to begin a career as an entrepreneur. A speaker series will also be created to host multiple entrepreneurs and those with expertise to share about why they considered entrepreneurship as a career choice and what supports are available to beginner entrepreneurs in Windsor-Essex.

The rate of entrepreneurship in Windsor-Essex has historically been lower than other regions in the province, with self employment continuing to decrease in rural areas. The local entrepreneurship ecosystem is improving with increased supports for start ups and those looking to grow their business. However, there is a lack in local supports for those in the available workforce to learn about entrepreneurship and how they can begin a career as their own boss. There is also a lack of supports targeted towards women and newcomers, an untapped demographic group for entrepreneurship. Of the 5145 incorporations in Windsor CMA, only 23% are owned by women. According to a survey of newcomers in 2017, 17% of respondents had an interest in owning their own business, with many looking at own construction companies, salons, or restaurants. These resources will connect users to next steps in the entrepreneurship pipeline, referring them to community partners working in different fields of entrepreneurship, business supports, and incubator programs. Resources will provide information for beginners, including information on what it means to be an entrepreneur, why entrepreneurship can be a beneficial career in Windsor-Essex, information on local supports and service providers, including reference information for which organizations provide what services and to who, and information on how to start planning for a career as an entrepreneur, including resources to create an action plan and processes. There will also be information for students to show how entrepreneurial studies can be incorporated into their chosen educational path, including those studying in STEM fields.

Project Timeline: April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022



Virtual Sector Events

Project Overview:

To fill the hole currently left from the cancellation of events such as Manufacturing Day or Educator Tour Day, virtual learning events will be hosted for various promising sectors across the region, including manufacturing, agriculture, construction, tourism, and ICT. The learning events for each sector will consist of various speakers from different positions sharing their experience in their career, their career path, educational background, and the skills required for their position.

With experiential learning opportunities being no longer available to students, job seekers, and career changers, there is an increasing need for virtual career learning experiences. As employment staff and educators look to provide unique career preparation experiences in a socially distanced landscape, employers are changing how they interact with potential and future employees. These events will allow audience members to hear from a variety of employees in each sector, with the opportunity to ask questions throughout the session to learn more about, and gain interest in, the sector. A past event of this kind hosted an audience of over 100 students and educators to learn about essential positions in the three local hospitals in Windsor-Essex, with over 150 views of the recorded session following the live event. The success of this event has led to interest from employment support staff and educators for this experience for other sectors in the community, highlighting the benefits for their students and clients. Not only does the event provide a learning experience for those exploring different careers, it can act as a connection to industry for those ready to enter the workforce. With a focus on promising sectors in the community, the sessions will be hosted for the agriculture, manufacturing, construction, ICT, and tourism sectors. Approximately 5 speakers will be present for each event, showcasing a variety of positions available within each sector, including frontline staff, behind the scenes workers, and both traditional and non-traditional positions.

Project Timeline: April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022



Project Contact:

Tashlyn Teskey, Manager of Projects & Research:

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario

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