The current COVID-19 pandemic facing our community is not only impacting the health of Windsor-Essex residents, but is greatly impacting essential businesses, greatly increasing their need to hire staff in a short period of time. The high demand for qualified and experienced staff is highlighting a local gap in the available workforce that are trained and available to work in essential positions, including healthcare, food and beverage retail, transportation, and social services and supports. In March 2020, 9 out of 10 of the most common positions sought by employers were deemed essential positions. The demand for essential positions is expected to grow throughout the current crisis, however many of these positions are consistently in-demand in Windsor-Essex, including home support workers, retail salespersons, and transport truck drivers.


Interviews with Local Essential Workers

To read about local people working in essential positions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, CLICK HERE for interviews about their day-to-day tasks, what inspired them to enter the position, and what it is like to work on the frontlines of a pandemic.


Essential Worker Career Profiles

To learn about 50 local positions that were deemed essential during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, CLICK HERE for career profiles outlining job duties, potential career pathways, and local education/training programs.


Virtual Learning Experience

On November 24th, we hosted a virtual learning event for students to ask questions to local hospital workers and learn about careers in the healthcare sector.

Thank you to the healthcare professionals from Windsor Regional Hospital, Erie Shores HealthCare and Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, who took the time to speak to local secondary students about their career journeys and experience during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

If you participated in the live event or have since watched the recording, please complete a quick questionnaire here.