Occupational needs in Windsor-Essex and around the world are changing at an accelerating pace. While the region experiences economic growth, its full potential is hindered by a skills gap. One element of that gap occurs when labour market demand for emergent occupations outpaces its supply. According to Statistics Canada, in the last quarter of 2018, job vacancies in the Windsor-Sarnia region reached an all-time high of 9,720, while unemployment rates remained higher than the provincial average and participation rates remained lower. The result is people without jobs and jobs without people. We want to support employers to attract, retain, and develop the talent they need, especially in rapidly changing and growing sectors like advanced manufacturing, information technology, and agri-tech.


The below career profiles are careers identified by local employers as necessary to move Windsor-Essex forward into competitive markets in Manufacturing, ICT, Transportation, and many others.

Career Profiles for Jobs of the Future


Download all of the profiles here



This project was based on an original project created by Oakland County Workforce Development, Skills Need Assessment.


This project was funded by the Government of Ontario.