In Section 2, youth learn what they need to know about themselves (self-awareness) for career navigation, and how to find, evaluate, and apply this knowledge.

learning objectives

By the end of this section, youth participants will begin to:

  • Recognize the importance of self-knowledge in relation to career navigation.
  • Identify what they need to know about themselves for ideal career navigation.
  • Compare and contrast relevant self-knowledge for career navigation with an emphasis on looking at their past experiences and using assessments critically.
  • Explain how past experiences shape career navigation.

Section Tips

Because self-knowledge will change as youth mature, developing strategies on how to find and identify this information is just as (if not more) important as the actual information itself. You can help youth to develop these skills by encouraging them to reflect on how they found this information and how they can identify changes in their self-knowledge in the future.

As well, encourage youth to consider the questions posed that they can ask when using each of the methods provided for finding self-knowledge. These questions can be found in the Facilitator Guide (see pages 24, 29, 30, and 31) and at the end of their All about Me handouts.

Materials for Facilitators






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Additional resources

Self-Knowledge and Career Choice

In this video, Emilie Wapnick speaks about the value of people who have multiple interests and the attributes they tend to have.  She speaks of how it is okay to have these many interests and how one does not necessarily have to limit oneself to one interest.


This article offers some techniques for self-reflection.

This article discusses self-reflection and provides some tips for steps one can take and questions one can ask for effective self-reflection.


An online journaling resource youth can use that can encourage self-reflection.