WE LIP Success Story | November 2023

The Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership launched an initiative to provide a collection a culturally competent mental health resources for international students. These resources are available throughout Windsor Essex and virtually Canada-wide.
In recognition of the unique challenges faced by this demographic, WE LIP established a comprehensive collection of supports that consider settlement needs, needs of specific communities, and accessibility. These resources are categorized into different sections, including:

  • University of Windsor Programs
  • St. Clair College Programs
  • Local Mental Health Programs
  • Other Resources (Specific to certain to communities)
  • Canada-wide Resources

This initiative was launched at the University of Windsor’s Lancers Care Week Student Support Services Fair on November 15th, 2023.
The WE LIP had the opportunity to speak to international students in-person and distribute informational cards featuring QR codes directing to the WE LIP Mental Health Resources for International Students webpage.

The Mental Health Resources for International Students Initiative was established in consultation with the University of Windsor, St. Clair College, the South Asian Centre of Windsor, and the WE LIP International Students Planning Committee. Thank you to our partners for their contribution and dedication to the mental health and success of international students, as we foster an environment where every student can thrive. The WE LIP team plans to promote these services at various community events, continue collaboration with our partners and post on various social media platforms.

Visit the WE LIP Mental Health Resources for International Students webpage to explore an array of resources curated by WELIP to support the mental health and well-being of international students in Windsor Essex.

Download a PDF copy of this Success Story here: