WE LIP Success Story – July 2020

To make this video as timely as possible, the positive tone and messaging are accompanied by an introduction to the suite of resources available to support job-seekers by removing barriers to employment during the pandemic. Whether it is preparing for a virtual job interview, or ensuring a resume accurately reflects skills, experience and assets, it is clear that current circumstances require specific accommodations and recommendations.

This video has been shared widely among Youth First Program participants, collaborative partners, United Way-funded youth serving organizations, as well as Catholic Central high school administration.

Next steps will focus on the upcoming school year, creating new videos on topics trending for high school youth, and sharing them with the students by posting them online, in order to ensure they are provided as an ongoing program resource.

WE LIP Success Story – July 2020 – Employability/Job Search Video for Youth

Download a PDF copy of this Success Story here: