WE LIP Success Story | March 2023

The Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership collaborated with the WE Value Partnership and Dr. Reza Nakhaie, Professor of Sociology from the University of Windsor to host the virtual 2022-2023 Data Sharing & Community Consultation events on Tuesday, March 21st, 2023.


The data was collected by the WE Value Partnership through a holistic Needs & Assets Assessment offered by the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario. It was captured through the K2 Pathway to Settlement System and analyzed by Dr. Reza Nakhaie.


Through four sessions, Dr. Reza Nakhaie guided participants on an exploration of data trends across the themes of Health and Wellbeing, Education and Employment, Sociocultural Integration, and Housing and Neighbourhood. From there, conversation was opened up to explore the relationship between settlement outcomes and the actions included in settlement plans. This concept-mapping exercise helped to gain a better understanding of what settlement plan actions can lead to desired outcomes and which actions are missing that can better support newcomers on their settlement journey.


The discussion was guided by members of the WE Value team including Kelsey Santarossa, WE Value Community Engagement Coordinator, Aaron Fauteux, WE Value Project Coordinator, Kamal Khaj, Coordinator, Quality Assurance and Analysis at the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario and Matthew Dunlop, WE Value Program Manager working from the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario who commented:


“The importance of data cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to local planning and understanding the needs and assets of newcomers who are choosing to make this region their home. Local real-time, standardized, academically viable data is crucial to helping us identify areas where we can improve our services and support for newcomers.”


The data as presented in the slide decks have been formatted into a series of reports which are available on the WE Value webpage. You can find them all here.


There are four thematic mini-reports organized by event topic which provide snapshots of information:


A fifth, much longer “comprehensive report” includes all of the data presented by Dr. Nakhaie, as well as:

  • Information about the WE Value Partnership
  • Information about the WE Value Settlement Assessment
  • Information about our ongoing projects
  • Diagnostic and demographic information related to the data used in these reports
  • Concept-mapping slides examining the relationship between settlement plan actions and desired outcomes, divided by


The purpose of the reports is to provide organizations with valuable insight about newcomers in our region. Looking ahead, the WE Value team plans to analyze the data further and share insights on how this framework can inform future initiatives to support newcomers and local data-driven decision making. You can learn more about the WE Value Partnership by visiting: www.WeValue.ca


Download a PDF copy of this Success Story here: