WE LIP Success Story | January 2024

On February 1st, 2024, the Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership hosted the Settlement Partners Information Communication Exchange (SPICE) Professional Learning Circle in partnership with the City of Windsor. The in-person event took place at the Caboto Club and welcomed over 136 participants.

This SPICE PLC focused on the topic of programming for clients with visible and invisible disabilities. This event encouraged representatives from local Newcomer Service Providers, City of Windsor Employment and Social Services, and Housing and Children’s Services departments to foster awareness, collaboration, and skill development, aiming to create inclusive solutions and expand market reach by showcasing the positive impact of accessible programming.

Here are the highlights of the Event:

  • Attendees explored 15 booths hosted by service providers, fostering connections and discovering inclusive and innovative programs.Brian Weinberg-Kessler from the City of Windsor set an inclusive tone with a warm welcome and a meaningful land acknowledgment.
  • Jayne Kellam and Marcella Artico from Children First presented insightful strategies for programming catering to both visible and invisible disabilities in children, followed by an engaging Q&A session.
  • Tracey Crow and Leigh Vachon from Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario shared expertise on inclusive programming for adults, addressing both visible and invisible disabilities, with a dedicated Q&A session.
  • Participants had dedicated time for networking, connecting with peers, and exploring the booths of service providers for valuable insights and collaborations.
  • Alanna Oddoye from the Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership concluded the event, providing a platform for feedback and reflection on the success of the inclusive programming initiative.

The enthusiastic engagement, meaningful discussions, and valuable connections made throughout the event underscored a collective commitment to advancing inclusive programming, ensuring a more accessible and supportive digital landscape for individuals of all abilities.

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