WE LIP Success Story | December 2023

On November 9th, 2023, the Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership hosted its Annual Community Forum. Over 120 people attended the in-person event.

This year’s Annual Forum focused on National Francophone Immigration Week and cultivating interaction between organizations, individuals, and groups of people who are dedicated to the preservation of the French language and culture in the Windsor-Essex region.

Here are the highlights of the Event:
• Charlotte LeFrank from Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society opened the event with a land acknowledgement, recognizing the importance of Indigenous heritage.
• Charlotte LeFrank extended a warm welcome on behalf of Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership, emphasizing the significance of the event in promoting French language and culture.
• Rosa Atmani from Réseau en Immigration Francophone du Centre-Sud-Ouest de l’Ontario welcomed participants on behalf of Réseau en Immigration Francophone du Centre-Sud-Ouest de l’Ontario.
• Yasmine Joheir from Centre Communautaire francophone Windsor-Essex-Kent Inc welcomed participants on behalf of Comité Local en Immigration Francophone Windsor-Essex- Chatham-Kent (CLIF WECK).
• Participants embarked on a multinational showcase exploring the top 8 Francophone source countries, led by Yasmine Joheir. The participants also had an opportunity to to sample food from several francophone countries. This journey offered a rich understanding of the cultural diversity within the Francophone community.
• Local Francophone organizations sets up booths for distribute information and allow participants an opportunity to network with other individuals while trying different ethnic foods.
• Yasmine Joheir and Rosa Atmani presented CLIF WECK’s initiatives, highlighting their efforts in attracting and welcoming new Francophones to the region.
• Florine Ndimubandi from Association des communautés francophones de l’Ontario Windsor-Essex- Chatham-Kent (ACFO WECK) shared the organization’s role in promoting Francophone culture.
• Kelsey Santarossa from Workforce WindsorEssex showcased Construction Training & Apprenticeship Ontario (CTAO), underlining the importance of skill development in the community.
• Stephen Lynn from the City of Windsor provided an update on the WE LIP Election & Terms of Reference, ensuring effective governance and representation for the Francophone community.
• Participants engaged in other business matters and a virtual tour, setting the stage for the upcoming WE LIP Winter Council Meeting on February 15, 2024, at a location to be determined.

There was live interpretation throughout the event. The event not only celebrated the richness of the Francophone community in Windsor-Essex but also laid the groundwork for continued collaboration and growth.

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