Next Steps

Virtual Mental Wellness Workshops 2021-2022:

WE LIP council members will review the Mental Health Roundtable report produced in fiscal year one to develop language specific Mental Wellness sessions. We Speak will be utilized for live interpretation. Promotional information will be shared with service providers, educational institutions and employers to share with their newcomer clients, international students and temporary foreign worker employees.


To learn more, view the WE LIP Mental Health Roundtable report here:


Report Background

Research evidence shows that immigrant, refugee, ethnocultural and racialized populations are more exposed to the social determinants that contribute to mental health problems, access mental health services less often and face numerous barriers when accessing services. Barriers include stigma, language and cultural barriers, and long wait lists for mental health services. Recommended solutions include strengthened partnerships between settlement and mental health service providers, and increased investment in culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health services.

IRCC’s 2019 Call for Proposals included a focus on customized services that address newcomer needs for mental health and well-being support, including activities that reduce barriers and increase newcomer awareness of and access to mainstream physical and mental health services. As we move forward with these investments, we hope to learn from and share local best practices with other communities, while engaging stakeholders in creative problem solving to address outstanding challenges.

On February 13, 2020, the Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership hosted a Mental Health Roundtable. This was an opportunity for 44 local stakeholders from various sectors including healthcare, community supports, education, and newcomer service providers to discuss mental health issues as they relate to newcomers and immigrants.