Map showing Lambton, Kent, and Essex counties.

In recognition of their need to support some of the nation’s most vulnerable and isolated workers, the Government of Canada announced the Migrant Worker Support Program (MWSP) as part of Budget 2021. Informed by the lessons learned from the Migrant Worker Support Network Pilot, the MWSP aims to support community-based organizations in the provision of migrant worker-centric programs and services.

Funded by Employment and Social Development Canada, TeaMWork is a project under the Migrant Worker Support Program. The purpose of the project is to provide migrant workers with accurate information and access to available services and supports, and to assist them in learning about and exercising their rights while in Canada.

The funding will serve the best interests of Migrant Workers in Essex County, Chatham-Kent, and Lambton County.

More specifically, the MWSP and TeaMWork objectives aim to:

  • Increase migrant workers’ awareness and understanding of their rights and responsibilities through educational activities and/or educational material;
  • Empower migrant workers to exercise their rights by providing or assisting in accessing services available to them;
  • Foster inclusion and welcoming of migrant workers through social, cultural, and/or recreational events;
  • Support migrant workers during emergency situations;
  • Foster new partnerships or leverage existing partnerships/networks to support migrant workers;
  • Develop and implement coordinated approaches among community organizations, and/or build their capacity and knowledge to provide resources and services to migrant workers.

TeaMWork Partner Service Matrix and Map

TeaMWork Launch Press Conference – Essex Civic Centre (December 19th, 2022)

Media Coverage of the Project

TeaMWork Style Guide

Click here to download the TeaMWork branding and style guide. The document outlines the purpose and methodology behind the design of the TeaMWork branding, as well as guidance for the appropriate use of the logo. There are details on the official typeface, as well as the colour pallette of the logo.