Post Pandemic Scenario-Based Workforce Planning in Southwestern Ontario

Project Overview:

To address and help mitigate further disruption of the labour market due to COVID-19, Workforce WindsorEssex is partnering with eight other workforce planning boards in Southwestern Ontario to publish a local scenario-based labour market action plan, resulting from a series of stakeholder and public engagement activities that yield insight on potential futures of local labour markets and provide guidance for relevant stakeholders in addressing challenges and seizing opportunities in each future scenario.

This project will address the severe labour market disruption that has affected Southwestern Ontario as a result of COVID-19, mitigate future negative impacts, and promote proactive decisions to seize new opportunities by engaging relevant stakeholders in a regional scenario-planning process. Through a scenario-based planning approach, this project will identify how the supply and demand of the labour in Southwestern Ontario may shift in the next 12-24 months as a result of COVID-19, and will identify specific actions and initiatives that employment and training services, government, secondary and post-secondary education, and community leaders can start implementing in the near future in order to bridge skills gaps that emerge in each of these scenarios. Through the participation and collaboration of partners and various local stakeholders, we will collectively equip Southwestern Ontario with the foresight to promote proactive adaptation of the labour market to pandemic and post-pandemic conditions including social distancing, the normalization of working from home, reduced travel, changes to consumer demand, changes to global supply chains, and more.

Progress will be monitored and success will be measured based on feedback from stakeholder participants on local scenario-planning roundtables, who will consist of informants in developing scenario-based labour market action plans as well as potential actors in its implementation.

Current assessments of the COVID-19 pandemic in Windsor-Essex can be found here.

Project Timeline: July 15, 2020 – March 31, 2021


Project Contact:

Trudy Button, Research and Policy Analyst:

Corey Shenken, Project Coordinator & Researcher: