Electric Vehicles Industry Strategy in Windsor-Essex

Project Timeline: April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024

Project Overview:

To increase the awareness of workforce needs in the Electric Vehicle industry, Workforce WindsorEssex will coordinate multiple stakeholder sessions to increase collaboration and collective understanding in the community. Workforce WindsorEssex will develop a Strategic Attraction & Retention Toolkit report for the region’s Electric Vehicle (EV) sector. In order to do so, this project will include the creation of an Electric Vehicle Industry Support Committee, made up of key, local stakeholders representing Windsor-Essex’s EV sector, Employment Ontario service providers, and educational institutions to address current and emerging workforce needs. Workforce WindsorEssex will facilitate monthly focus group meetings for the committee to assist in the development of recommendations and solutions for EV value chain workforce issues to ensure the Windsor-Essex region has a steady supply of talent and a workforce that is well-suited to support the local EV sector’s employment needs. This will help address identified skills and labour shortages and mismatches that may emerge as investments into Windsor-Essex’s EV value chain activities continue to grow.

Past Electric Vehicle Research can be viewed here.

Post Pandemic Scenario-Based Workforce Planning in Southwestern Ontario

Project Timeline: July 15, 2020 – March 31, 2021

Project Overview:

To address and help mitigate further disruption of the labour market due to COVID-19, Workforce WindsorEssex partnered with eight other workforce planning boards in Southwestern Ontario to publish a local scenario-based labour market action plan, resulting from a series of community and public engagement activities that yield insight on potential futures of local labour markets and provide guidance for relevant community partners in addressing challenges and seizing opportunities in each future scenario.

Past assessments of the COVID-19 pandemic in Windsor-Essex can be found here.