Workforce Planning West Scenario Planning

Workforce Planning West, a coalition of nine workforce planning boards in Southwestern Ontario, with assistance from project partners Libro Credit Union, Ontario Tourism Innovation Lab, and Western Ontario Wardens Caucus, have published their Workforce Planning West Scenario Planning Report, along with nine local scenario planning reports, following six months of industry consultation involving more than 250 community partners and key informants.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused economic and social disruption throughout the world. These reports look at the effects of the pandemic locally and regionally in labour markets throughout Southwestern Ontario, while providing communities with a strategic framework to proactively plan ahead despite high uncertainty.

Each report describes how the supply and demand of the labour market in Southwestern Ontario may shift in the next 12-24 months as a result of COVID-19 and identifies specific actions and initiatives that employment and training services, government, secondary and post-secondary education, and community leaders can implement in the near future to mitigate impacts or bridge skills gaps that emerge in each of the future scenarios. The reports are accompanied by an interactive online dashboard of key scenario indicators that determine the scenario-based labour market outcomes.

Scenario planning can be completed in your organization using the tools provided in the Scenario Planning Toolkit below. These tools include a one-page overview of the 8-step scenario planning process that you can share with your community partners; a blueprint for applying a scenario-based approach to workforce planning that walks you through developing and applying your scenario plan; and a PowerPoint presentation for training  participants.




Scenario Planning Toolkit: