New Tool Makes Finding Local Census Data Easier

Workforce WindsorEssex launches ‘WEmap census’ and new mapping guide

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March 28, 2019

Windsor, ON – Workforce WindsorEssex, the region’s Local Employment Planning Council (LEPC), as part of their WEmap LMI project, launches a new online tool called WEmap census. This new tool makes it easier for local partners in industry, government, education, and service provision to visualize, interact and retrieve census data for the Windsor-Essex region.

WEmap census allows users to explore 14 categories of census data for Windsor-Essex, including 897 individual data points, at both the census tract and census subdivision level. Users can filter census tracts by criteria, visually compare data values across the region, and select multiple census tracts to view and print combined statistics. This new tool will make it easier for local organizations to access and use data for business planning purposes and for program evaluation and improvements by better understanding where their clients reside.

Following the success of WEmap jobs, Workforce WindsorEssex is releasing A Guide to Creating Mapping Tools based on local best-practices and the organization’s experiences. The guide, which is available in English and French, provides advice on topics such as mapping software, project planning, gathering data, and sharing mapping tools in the community.

Workforce WindsorEssex hopes the mapping guide will be used by other organizations so they can develop and launch their own mapping tools as a way to improve decision making, business planning and operations, and service to individuals in the region.


“Workforce WindsorEssex is committed to developing innovative tools that leads to positive change in our local labour market. We developed WEmap census so that our community could better access, interact with and retreieve census data locally. We are also excited to share what we have learned in the process of developing WEmap jobs and WEmap census in our new Guide to Creating Mapping Tools. This guide will support other organizations in realizing the potential that mapping tools can have for decision making, business planning, and service, while giving them a roadmap to creating their own.”

  • Michelle Suchiu, Executive Director, Workforce WindsorEssex



  • On February 7, 2019, Workforce WindsorEssex launched WEmap jobs, which displays local job postings, connects users to 18 related services including employment supports, childcare centres, and training, while also making planning your commute easier.
  • WEmap jobs has received over 6,350 pageviews since its launch.



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