Since 2015, Windsor-Essex has seen a substantial increase in international students attending our local institutions of higher learning and using their education as an opportunity to migrate to Canada through the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program and other channels.

The Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership (WE LIP) is interested in better understanding the needs of international students locally. For this report they retained Munro Strategic Perspective and Creative Momentum Consulting to direct two strategies to gain input from both international students and stakeholders in the community – a survey and focus groups.

A total of 298 students took part in the survey, while 15 individuals representing business, education, and social services were involved in focus groups. The purpose of this report is to document the findings from the survey and focus groups, staying faithful to the words and opinions of those who took part.

The report demonstrates that there are opportunities for improvement to make Windsor-Essex a welcoming community for international students. As well, deeper research and investigation is need important to fully understand the scope and nature of what is needed.