Mental Health Resources for International Students 

The Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership launched an initiative to provide a collection a culturally competent mental health resources for international students. These resources are available throughout Windsor Essex and virtually Canada-wide.
In recognition of the unique challenges faced by this demographic, WE LIP established a comprehensive collection of supports that consider settlement needs, needs of specific communities, and accessibility. These resources are categorized into different sections, including:

  • University of Windsor Programs
  • St. Clair College Programs
  • Local Mental Health Programs
  • Other Resources (Specific to certain to communities)
  • Canada-wide Resources

This initiative was launched at the University of Windsor’s Lancers Care Week Student Support Services Fair on November 15th, 2023. The WE LIP had the opportunity to speak to international students in-person and distribute informational cards featuring QR codes directing to the WE LIP Mental Health Resources for International Students webpage.

The Mental Health Resources for International Students Initiative was established in consultation with the University of Windsor, St. Clair College, the South Asian Centre of Windsor, and the WE LIP International Students Planning Committee. Thank you to our partners for their contribution and dedication to the mental health and success of international students, as we foster an environment where every student can thrive. The WE LIP team plans to promote these services at various community events, continue collaboration with our partners and post on various social media platforms.

Visit the WE LIP Mental Health Resources for International Students webpage to explore an array of resources curated by WELIP to support the mental health and well-being of international students in Windsor Essex:

Eliminating the Proof of Address Requirement for SIN Online

Since the implementation of eSIN in April 2020, program requirements have evolved significantly to facilitate easier access to applying for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) online. By eliminating the POA requirement for SIN applications online, the eSIN application process is now easier and more user friendly for you and your clients.

In-person or virtual SIN Clinics remain available and can still be provided when working with larger groups of clients.

How to apply for a SIN online

SIN Online Portal

Applying online is easy. Submit a SIN application online within a secure and protected environment using SIN online and upload digital copies of documents.

Please consult the What do you need before you apply page and information attached to ensure that you are informed on all required documents before starting the application.

Eligible clients applying through the SIN online portal can expect to receive the letter containing their SIN in the mail within 15 days.

By providing an email address on their application, clients will receive an email confirming that their application has been received and a second email to let them know when their application has been processed. If their application did not meet the requirements, they will receive an email containing guidance on the requirements to obtain a SIN. Providing an email address eliminates the need to wait 5 days to receive a rejection letter.

Updates regarding these changes have also been shared on Social Media and can be viewed at the following links:



Click the document below to view federal guides for SIN Applications in English

Suppression de la preuve d’adresse comme exigence pour les demandes de NAS en ligne

Depuis la mise en œuvre du NASe en avril 2020, les exigences du programme ont considérablement évolué afin de faciliter l’accès à la demande de numéro d’assurance sociale (NAS) en ligne. En éliminant l’exigence relative à la preuve d’adresse, le processus de demande de NAS est maintenant plus facile et plus convivial pour vous et vos clients.

Comment demander un NAS en ligne

Portail NAS en ligne

Déposer la demande de NAS en ligne est facile. Vos clients peuvent présenter une demande de NAS en ligne dans un environnement sécurisé et protégé en utilisant le portail NAS en ligne et télécharger les copies numériques de leurs documents.

Veuillez consulter la page Numéro d’assurance sociale – Avant de présenter une demande et l’ information ci-joint pour vous informer de tous les documents requis avant de commencer la demande.

Les clients qui déposent une demande par le biais du portail NAS en ligne peuvent maintenant s’attendent à recevoir leur lettre de confirmation de NAS par la poste dans un délai de 15 jours.

En fournissant une adresse courriel dans leur demande, les clients recevrons un courriel confirmant que leur demande a été reçue et un deuxième courriel les informant que leur demande a été traitée. Si leur demande ne répond pas aux exigences, ils recevrons un courriel contenant des conseils sur les exigences à remplir pour obtenir un NAS. En fournissant une adresse courriel, ils éliminent le besoin d’attendre cinq jours pour recevoir une lettre de refus.

Cette information a aussi été communiquée dans les médias sociaux et peut être consultée à l’aide des liens suivants :



Cliquez sur le document ci-dessous pour consulter les guides fédéraux pour les demandes de NAS en français:

International Student Survey Report

Since 2015, Windsor-Essex has seen a substantial increase in international students attending our local institutions of higher learning and using their education as an opportunity to migrate to Canada through the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program and other channels.

The Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership (WE LIP) is interested in better understanding the needs of international students locally. For this report they retained Munro Strategic Perspective and Creative Momentum Consulting to direct two strategies to gain input from both international students and partners in the community – a survey and focus groups.

A total of 298 students took part in the survey, while 15 individuals representing business, education, and social services were involved in focus groups. The purpose of this report is to document the findings from the survey and focus groups, staying faithful to the words and opinions of those who took part.

The report demonstrates that there are opportunities for improvement to make Windsor-Essex a welcoming community for international students. As well, deeper research and investigation is need important to fully understand the scope and nature of what is needed.

International Student Action Plan

After the release of the International Student Survey report, a working group was formed to review the key findings and to help identify priorities for future initiatives.

This Action Plan was developed based on these key findings as well as feedback from International Students to inform future activities and responses.

Download Action Plan here:

International Student Action Plan.

International Student Consultation

The Windsor Essex Local Immigration partnership invited International Students living in Windsor-Essex to participate in a small community forum on April 6, 2023 to share input and experiences on living, working, and learning in this community.

During the consultation, the key findings of the International Student Report completed in FY2 were shared and a poll was taken to get an understanding of the experiences of International Students in the community. The international students provided feedback on the survey findings and discussed ways in which the community can better support the International Student population.

This outreach was being led by University of Windsor student Ronnie Haidar, Ph.D. Candidate in Argumentation Studies, and fourth-year University of Windsor student Liam Swain who provided the International Student Consultation report below:

International Student Consultation Report.

Hiring International Students: What You Need to Know Webinar

On February 14, 2023, WE LIP in collaboration with Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) of Southwestern Ontario and WILL Immploy – A project of WILL Employment Solutions organized the webinar, Hiring International Students: What you Need to Know. Discussion included how employers can access this talent as well as recent changes and trends in immigration, and were joined by a panel of experts who spoke about what employers need to know about hiring and retaining international students in your workplace.

Navjeet Singh – President of Student Representative Council at St. Clair College and member of the International Student Planning Committee
Kristin Sauve – Store Manager, Walmart – Dougall Ave. in Windsor
Sandra Pehilj – International Student Advisor at Western University
Alice Michaud – Associate Director, Talent Development and Career Services at Conestoga College

View the recording below: