Workforce WindsorEssex to Lead Province-Wide Work Trends Project, Launches Work-from-Home Ontario Job Board & Prepares for Busy Year

Workforce Planning Boards are partnering to generate real-time supply and demand labour market data and will support the launch of new data tools on later this year

For Immediate Release
April 28, 2022

Windsor, ON – Workforce WindsorEssex, in partnership with the 25 other Workforce Planning Boards in Ontario and Elev8 Web Studio, is leading the province-wide Work Trends project over the next year to strengthen the resiliency of Ontario’s workforce by providing real-time, data-driven guidance to jobseekers, employers, employment service providers, training providers, and policymakers through new innovative tools. The project is being supported by a $1.17 million Skills Development Fund grant by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.

The pandemic has accelerated the future of work, creating new work from home job opportunities that were previously hard to find. To mark the launch of the Work Trends project, we’re launching the first-ever aggregated job board focused on work from home job postings being offered by Ontario employers. Ontarians now have a one-stop shop for searching thousands of work-from-home jobs across dozens of websites simultaneously. This new job board truncates the job posting and refers jobseekers to the original job board where they can learn more about the duties, the full or partial work from home incentive that is being offered, and apply for their next job.

Upcoming tools and features that will be a part of the Work Trends project include:

  • Career Library, Sector Library, and Sector Map tools showing provincial data and highlighting trends in wages, sectors, occupations, and skills in Ontario.
  • Personalized jobseeker dashboards to guide jobseekers in finding careers that align with their skills through a highly-localized and comprehensive self-serve user system.
  • Employer dashboards that conveys the competitive landscape for talent locally with real time occupation- and sector-specific labour market information, while asking about their openness to hosting apprenticeships, co-op positions, and other experiential learning opportunities.
  • Monthly data reports on in-demand jobs and what people are searching for.
  • Complimentary data subscriptions to industry or occupation specific associations for the duration of the project period for strategic planning, decision making, and membership services.

Work Trends will track growing and declining occupations and sectors across geographies in real-time to reduce the response time to shocks and opportunities in the labour market. This information can be filtered through new interactive job demand reporting tools that will support a variety of geographical perspectives, including postal codes, ridings, school board districts, health regions, and municipalities.

In the later part of 2022, training will be provided to jobseekers, employers, educators, Employment Ontario staff, and community organizations through virtual and in-person presentations across the province under partnership with Workforce Planning Boards.

Work Trends marks the first time all 26 Workforce Planning Boards have proposed a province-wide project to the Ontario Government. By working together, the Workforce Planning Boards will provide Ontario-wide data to help jobseekers, employers, government, and the broader community identify provincial labour trends, what is in-demand, who is unemployed or underemployed, who is getting work, employment outcomes, and what companies see as hard-to-fill occupations.

The Work Trends project is currently underway and will be completed in March 2023.



“Our government is working for workers, by breaking down barriers of entry into the workforce. That is why we are proud to fund the Work Trends project, that creates greater accessibility to work from home jobs, so Ontario workers can have better comfort, while still earning bigger paycheques.”

  • The Hon. Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development

“Good decisions start with timely and accurate data, but just as importantly, distilling this data into meaningful, discoverable, and actionable insights is essential to maximizing its value to all stakeholders. This project will substantially improve outcomes for jobseekers, employers, and the community through the development of accessible and contextually relevant tools to drive better decisions at every level.”

  • Justin Falconer, CEO, Workforce WindsorEssex

“The first step in identifying how to best support and create employment opportunities, innovative training and improve the capacity of communities to respond to labour market shocks is to know what is happening in all corners of the province and communities in real-time. The Work Trends project can provide this province-wide data, customized by different geographies and demographics, while identifying trends over time.”

  • Tashlyn Teskey, Manager of Projects & Research, Workforce WindsorEssex

“Elev8 Web Studio is pleased to partner with all 26 Workforce Planning Boards on this important project for the province of Ontario. Creating an exceptional web experience with a user-friendly interface will ensure jobseekers and companies are able to access the information they need to make informed decisions.”

  • Jason Pomerleau, President, Elev8 Web Studio


Citations en Français:

« Notre gouvernement travaille pour les travailleurs en éliminant les barrières à l’entrée sur le marché du travail. C’est pourquoi nous sommes fiers de financer le projet Work Trends, qui crée plus d’accessibilité aux opportunités pour le travail à domicile qui offriront aux travailleurs de l’Ontario un meilleur confort et tout en leur permettra de gagner des chèques de plus gros chèques de paie. »

  • Le député Monte McNaughton, ministre du Travail, de la Formation et du Développement des compétences

« De bonnes décisions commencent par des données opportunes et précises, mais tout aussi important, est le besoin de distiller ces données en informations significatives, découvrables et exploitables pour maximiser la valeur pour toutes parties prenantes. Ce projet améliorera considérablement les résultats pour les demandeurs d’emploi, les employeurs et la communauté grâce au développement d’outils accessibles et contextuellement pertinents pour prendre de meilleures décisions à tous les niveaux. »

  • Justin Falconer, Directeur Général, Workforce WindsorEssex

« La première étape pour identifier la meilleure façon de soutenir et de créer des opportunités d’emploi, de développer des formations innovantes et d’améliorer la capacité des communautés à réagir aux chocs du marché du travail, est de savoir ce qui se passe dans tous les coins de la province et des communautés en temps réel. Le projet Work Trends peut fournir ces données à l’échelle de la province, personnalisées par différentes géographies et démographies, tout en identifiant des tendances dans le temps. »

  • Tashlyn Teskey, Gérante des projets et de recherche, Workforce WindsorEssex

« Elev8 Web Studio est heureux de s’associer aux 26 commissions de planification de la main-d’œuvre sur ce projet si important pour la province de l’Ontario. La création d’une expérience digitale exceptionnelle avec une interface conviviale permettra aux demandeurs d’emploi et aux entreprises d’accéder aux informations dont ils ont besoin pour prendre des décisions éclairées. »

  • Jason Pomerleau, President, Elev8 Web Studio


Quick Links:

  • The Work Trends project is funded by the Government of Ontario’s Skill Development Fund. Learn more about the Work Trends project:
  • Visit the new Work-from-Home Ontario job board at The new tool is translation-friendly for people whose Website Browsers are configured to translate text to other languages.
  • Data from this project is currently being indexed from 275+ unique local, provincial, and national job boards. Postings are de-duplicated and classified against occupation and sectoral codes through a combination of machine and human effort.
  • To learn more about Workforce Planning Boards in Ontario visit
  • Workforce WindsorEssex previously led a Post-Pandemic Scenario Planning project in partnership with eight Workforce Planning Boards in Southwestern Ontario. To learn more about Workforce WindsorEssex and the innovative tools and resources we publish visit
  • To learn more about Elev8 Web Studio and their suite of web services, visit


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Workforce WindsorEssex is a workforce and community development board whose mission is to lead regional employment and community planning for the development of a strong and sustainable workforce. The Work Trends project is funded by the Government of Ontario’s Skill Development Fund.

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