Workforce WindsorEssex Releases Remote Work Survey

Survey will provide regional employers and workers of all sectors opportunity to make voices heard on remote work in Windsor-Essex

For Immediate Release
October 14, 2021

WINDSOR, ON – Workforce WindsorEssex, the region’s workforce planning board, released a new survey on remote work for local employers and workers to provide their insight into the relevance, benefits, and drawbacks of remote work in Windsor-Essex.

While major industries in the region continue to reopen, remote work occupations are projected to remain an important part of the local labour landscape. Earlier this year, 20% of employers identified their workforce as working remotely. In order to gain an in-depth understanding of how this could look moving forward, Workforce WindsorEssex is providing an opportunity for employers and workers from all sectors to share their opinions and experiences with remote work, whether they currently work remotely or not.

The survey lets respondents describe the relevance, benefits, and drawbacks of remote work in their field, including how much of an impact remote work opportunities could have on their future career path. The survey has two differing streams for both employers and workers in order to gather the most representative data possible, providing important insights into which sectors are continuing to maintain remote workplaces, those who do not, and those who are considering a remote work model. Rather than simply ask respondents if they work remotely or would consider doing so, the goal of the survey is to understand why or why not.

The results of this survey will be released to the public after its conclusion on November 15. The survey can be completed at The survey will be open from October 14 to November 15.



“The prevalence of working remotely across sectors has certainly increased during the pandemic. Of course, there are challenges in working from home for both the employer and employee and the option is not viable for many sectors and occupations. Workforce WindsorEssex is looking to gain insight on these issues to provide solutions and guidance on career paths.”

  • Tashlyn Teskey, Manager of Projects & Research, Workforce WindsorEssex



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Lindsey Rivait
Executive Assistant and Researcher
Workforce WindsorEssex


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