Workforce WindsorEsses Launches Innovative Resources to Help Employers, Jobseekers, and Service Providers Overcome Skills Gap

New resources highlight emerging and future in-demand occupations and skills to help jobseekers, learners, educators, and employers in the region

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March 12, 2021

Windsor, ON – Today, Workforce WindsorEssex, through program funding from the Government of Ontario, launched three new resources focused on in-demand occupational knowledge, skills, tools, and technology, including a new Skills Library and Skills Demand Report, as well as a new Jobs of the Future profile series on emerging occupations. These new resources work hand-in-hand to provide insight into current and future in-demand occupations and the skills employers are looking to hire.

Skills Library: The new Skills Library is housed within the Career Library tool. The new skills library displays the related occupational skills, knowledge, tools, and technology categorized for all 500 national occupation classification codes. This information was collected and sorted by Workforce WindsorEssex after analyzing job posting demand data.

Skills Demand Report: This new interactive report summarizes the absolute or relative use of more than 29,000+ unique knowledge, skills, tools, and technology terms found in job postings over the past two years. Users can customize the report by adjusting the time period, geography, occupation, and sector to identify the exact knowledge, skills, tools, and technology that are in-demand by local employers.

Jobs of the Future Career Profiles: By analyzing statistical data and conducting consultations with employers, Workforce WindsorEssex created Career Profiles for locally emerging and in-demand occupations in fields such as Automation, Mobility, and Cybersecurity. These Career Profiles help support employers to attract, retain, and develop the talent they need. They also serve to inform education and training gaps in our region for highly skilled careers.

Jobseekers can use these new resources to position their resume with the key knowledge, skills, tools, and technology they can offer employers, while also improving their odds of resume scanning software identifying them as matches for job vacancies. Employers can optimize their talent recruitment, attraction, and development strategies by reviewing what competitors in their sector are looking for when hiring a specific occupation. Education and training institutions can use these resources to aid in their ongoing efforts to keep their curriculums aligned with industry needs.



“Today, more than ever, workers are finding and securing their next career online. These tools will help jobseekers identify in-demand skills they need to brush up on and update their resumes to match the needs of local employers. As we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to thank Workforce WindsorEssex for taking steps to ensure the region remains a leader in sustainable employment.”

  • Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development

“We continue to work with employers and community partners on tackling the issue of people without jobs and jobs without people by informing strategic and tactical decision making with real-time, place-based, labour market information. Today’s announcement offers innovative resources to help jobseekers, service providers, educators, and trainers continue to align their job search and workforce development activities with employer demand.”

  • Justin Falconer, CEO, Workforce WindsorEssex

“By utilizing these three new resources, jobseekers, learners, educators, and employers are able to better prepare for the future and play an active role in helping to close the skills gap locally. Workforce WindsorEssex is proud to provide these important resources to support the region in sustainable employment, while assisting those who are looking for work, looking to hire, and looking to train.”

  • Tashlyn Teskey, Manager of Projects & Research, Workforce WindsorEssex




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Lindsey Rivait
Executive Assistant and Researcher
Workforce WindsorEssex


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