Hello Facilitators!

As a facilitator of WEnav, you will be delivering this program to your youth.

This website contains all of the material and information required for delivering WEnav to your youth. You are encouraged to tailor the program and edit the resources to fit the learning, language, and emotional needs of your youth.

WEnav is divided into 6 topic sections. All sections include a Power Point presentation, handouts, and the facilitator guide. You can find this material, in both English and French, in the right-hand menu of each section page.

In the right-hand menu of this page, you will find the full facilitator guide. This will guide you, step-by-step, through the WEnav program.

Have fun with the program and make it your own! You can help a youth find success in his/her future, which is an exciting and powerful experience, so bear in mind the positive impact that you can initiate!

Facilitator Guide

Lessons Learned from WEnav

Learn about the Lessons that we learned from the WEnav pilot phases and how these lessons were reflected in the program development.

Advice from Professionals

We asked professionals who work with youth on career navigation for their advice for others who are navigating careers with youth. Here are some of the responses:

“When working with youth, you always need to remember to keep them active in their job search by finding interactive ways to show them different employment sectors (community partners and employer presentations).”

“Clients are the experts on what they want; our job is to maintain a calm curiosity about their interests, values, and motivations in order to help them drill down specifics to help them draw up an action plan.”

“Always help/support them to ask for help – work is only a part of their life puzzle – what else do they need to help them in the rest of their lives? ie) relationships, housing, finances, physical/mental health awareness.”

“Have adult facilitators work with a youth advisory to co-develop how the WEnav career workshops can be delivered…consider having youth co-facilitate the training with adult trainers.” – Michelle Moran, Youth Opportunities Unlimited, London, ON

“Engage with youth as much as possible so you understand what they want/need and so they can see that you are really there for them and to assist them with determining the future they want.” – Jason Palmer TRACKS Employment, Collingwood

“Be patient, welcoming, and non-judgmental.” – YMCA Employment, Sudbury

“Have and use your sense of humour.” – YMCA Sudbury

“Listen to what the youth is saying. If they know that you’ve heard them, they will reach out.”

“Have presenters/employers tell their career path story.”

“BE OPEN-MINDED. Active Listening. Involve, create, and put action plan together from beginning. Celebrate small milestones, such as stopping smoking, etc. Thank you” – Ricarda Ventura, Resource and Information Specialist, St. Stephen’s Community House Employment and Training Centre, Toronto

“Job shadowing/informal interviews. Mentoring on the job.” – Najet Saba, Employment Consultant and Christine Marion-Robinson, Program Leader Employment Edge, South Essex Community Council, Leamington

If you have your own piece of advice to share or if you have any questions or comments, please contact Tashlyn Teskey, Research Associate-Service Provision.