Region Opens Doors to Technology and Career Opportunities in Local Businesses for Workforce WindsorEssex’s First Industry Tour Day – March 21, 2024
Local students benefit from hands-on learning experiences to make informed career decisions

Workforce WindsorEssex a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering workforce development and growth, is proud to announce the inaugural Industry Tour Day taking place on March 21, 2024. Industry Tour Day is an immersive event designed to showcase the vibrant and diverse industries driving economic growth in the Windsor-Essex region. This initiative aims to connect jobseekers, students, and the community with local businesses, highlighting the career opportunities available within our thriving community.

Through Industry Tour Day, over 500 students from local high schools will get the opportunity to explore local industries and learn about in-demand occupations through 19 participating employers. Participants will have the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of various local businesses and industries, gaining valuable insights into the work environment, operations, and career paths available. The event features guided tours, informative presentations, and networking opportunities with industry professionals. Students will greatly benefit from the day with various hands-on and work integrated learning opportunities.

Key Highlights:

  • Diverse Industry Representation: Participants will have the chance to explore a wide range of industries, including Hospitality, Engineering, Technology, Social Services, Construction, and Manufacturing.
  • Career Exploration: Industry Tour Day is an excellent platform for individuals to discover potential career paths, learn about the skills required in different sectors, and connect with industry leaders.
  • Networking Opportunities: Attendees will have the chance to interact with professionals from various industries, fostering meaningful connections that can lead to future employment opportunities.
  • Community Engagement: Industry Tour Day is a celebration of the collaborative efforts between Workforce WindsorEssex and local businesses, highlighting the region’s commitment to economic development and workforce growth.

This Employment Ontario project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

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“Experiential learning opportunities are integral for students looking at future career paths and is a fantastic opportunity to connect classroom learning with workplace experiences. They are also great for jobseekers that are new to our community and unfamiliar with our in-demand industries. Through Industry Tour Day, we can provide students and jobseekers with the tools and hands-on experience they need to make informed career choices. Industry Tour Day can help build a stronger, more prosperous future for Windsor-Essex.”

Mikal Fakhreddin, Project Coordinator and Research Analyst, Workforce WindsorEssex

Les opportunités d’apprentissage expérientiel sont essentielles pour les étudiants qui envisagent des carrières futures et représentent une opportunité fantastique de relier l’apprentissage en classe aux expériences en milieu de travail. Elles sont également idéales pour les chercheurs d’emploi qui sont nouveaux dans notre communauté et peu familiers avec nos industries en demande. Grâce à la Journée de Visite Industrielle, nous pouvons fournir aux étudiants et aux chercheurs d’emploi les outils et l’expérience pratique dont ils ont besoin pour faire des choix de carrière éclairés. La Journée des tournées industrielles peut contribuer à construire un avenir plus fort et plus prospère pour Windsor-Essex.

Mikal Fakhreddin, Project Coordinator and Research Analyst, Workforce WindsorEssex

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