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The Positioning Women for Success project was funded by the Status of Women Canada and delivered through a partnership between Workforce WindsorEssex and a local leadership and consulting firm. The project aims to “create workplace champions and develop leadership skills in a minimum of 100 professional women.”

This project is a partnership based initiative being rolled out with six local employers to understand barriers and challenges experienced by women in their workplace.  The aims of the project are to better understand where and why these barriers exist and how workplaces can make changes to increase women’s opportunities in their workplace and in the community.



Workforce WindsorEssex in partnership with Ronna Hope Warsh Leadership Coaching and Consulting are pleased to share the Positioning Women for Success – Windsor-Essex Needs Assessment Report 2016 (link to follow).

The Needs Assessment Report examined needs and gaps between current and desired outcomes through a gender-based analysis.  Collection of relevant data from women employed at each employer partner through interviews and focus groups substantiated information gathered through literature reviews, through an examination of employer partner policies and procedures and the results of a widely distributed survey. The Needs Assessment Report provides aggregated results and strategies for improving the ability of women to succeed in the workplace which will guide the development of tailored leadership development programs for each participating employer partner.


Following reading the results presented in the Needs Assessment Report, please help us continue to deliver quality research and resources by providing your feedback.  A very short survey has been developed to gather this information.


Mentorship Templates

These two documents were used by mentors and protegees who opted in and sought out a mentorship match.  The matches were facilitated by my partner on the project.



Kim Harris, a supervisor in the customer contact centre for Green Shield, said her confidence soared after taking part in the leadership sessions and book club. She was inspired to continue the book club for other female employees at Green Shield and she joined the board of directors for Family Services Windsor-Essex.

“In my mind now (for career goals) the sky’s the limit. “It’s time to lean in, sit at the table and raise your hand because the opportunity is definitely there.”


Amandeep Waraich, a Manager at Windsor Regional Hospital, had all the qualifications for the job and the ambition to climb up the ladder in her career in bio-medical engineering. However before she could step up, she had to step out of her comfort zone.

“Taking this has given me more confidence. It’s also given me the ability to look at things from a different perspective.”


Janet Winter, a business analyst in Enwin’s IT department, said she’s already begun using some of what she’s learned in dealing with colleagues at Enwin — much of which is just good business practices.

“I wanted to participate in this because it’s important for women to have a voice in meetings and to help other females in the company. I had the influence of a female manager at a younger age. She was strong and gave me opportunities and I want to do the same.”


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Event Photos

Below are some photos from the Final Forum event.

Screen displaying participating companies in the Positioning Women for Success Project in Windsor-Essex Group Plenary photo at the Positioning Women for Success Project in Windsor-Essex Speakers presenting at the Positioning Women for Success Project in Windsor-Essex Question at the mic at the Positioning Women for Success Project in Windsor-Essex Question at the mic at the Positioning Women for Success Project in Windsor-Essex Award recipients at the Positioning Women for Success Project in Windsor-Essex Organizers who helped with the Positioning Women for Success Project in Windsor-Essex


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