While interviewing employers from a number of different sectors throughout Windsor-Essex regarding their knowledge and skill requirements, Workforce WindsorEssex consistently heard employers’ emphasis on the importance of “attitude.” It was clear employers were looking for an adaptable employee focused on positive involvement, problem-solving and who understood their own contribution to the company’s success.These qualities are now often referred to as the “entrepreneurial workforce.” Often workers do not understand the importance of these qualities to employers and don’t appreciate when they may have demonstrated this quality in the past.

“To innovate, we need two things: entrepreneurial thinking and a company culture that encourages it.”
– Peter Drucker, Management Challenges for the 21st Century

Just as there are entrepreneurial companies, there are entrepreneurial people. They are creative, innovative, risk taking, adventurous, and passionate. At the same time as successful employers are changing their mindset and corporate culture to meet the changing needs of the emerging economy, workers must also change their views. Acquiring and developing the capacity to innovate will assist workers in generating career stability and progression within their company and also in understanding, self-responsibility and enthusiasm for their own career development. Workers seeking new employment are more likely to be able to demonstrate to a potential new employer the type of skills and attitude that will contribute to expedited re-employment.

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