Project Overview

The In-Demand Jobs project was undertaken by Workforce WindsorEssex with the goal of promoting in-demand jobs to the community with the long-term goal of building an employer-led talent pipeline. The centre piece of this project is the WEexplore careers tool. It is a first-of-its-kind online labour market tool that makes the process of exploring in-demand careers easier than ever. WEexplore careers simplifies the task of finding, researching and applying for in-demand jobs in an easy to use tool that helps the user better visualize potential career paths. It was developed by Workforce WindsorEssex following the research of locally, in-demand jobs and the creation of detailed career profiles.

Project Status – COMPLETED

To help encourage more people to enter an in-demand career, Workforce WindsorEssex created the first ever list of locally in-demand jobs, a new career path tool and authors weekly blogs profiling people who work in an in-demand job. Click below to learn more about each of the three major components of the In-Demand Jobs project:



Workforce WindsorEssex developed a list of locally in-demand jobs using a variety of research methods including online job postings, employer surveys and consultations, news stories and community partner feedback from the Workforce Summit event in May 2017. Since its initial launch in summer 2017, Workforce WindsorEssex continues to update the list year-round, ensuring it reflects local demand.

The jobs are categorized using the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code system that groups similar jobs together to create a standardized listing of jobs.

About the NOC Coding System