Following discussions with ICT leaders in our community at the ICT Leadership Table, Workforce WindsorEssex worked with 10 employer sponsors to develop brochures on ICT services to help local businesses realize opportunities to integrate ICT in their businesses, in turn strengthening the opportunities for the ICT workforce in Windsor-Essex. The 10 brochures as well as accompanying articles will be released biweekly.

The featured services can be found below, along with their release dates.


managed network infrastructure

Relseased December 17th, 2018


artificial intelligence

Relseased December 4th, 2018


cyber security

Released November 20, 2018


Mobile App Development

Released November 6, 2018


Chatbots for Your Business

Released October 23, 2018


Business Intelligence

Released October 9, 2018



  1. Digital Marketing (January 8th)
  2. Business Process Automation (January 22nd)
  3. Web Design (February 5th)
  4. Game Design (February 19th)