Looking for a new job is challenging – even when the economy is doing well. When there is an economic downturn, it can seem more daunting. Add a global pandemic that is having major impacts on almost all aspects of life and work, it can feel like finding a new job is next to impossible. However, there are jobs out there and there are companies that are still hiring. While some sectors have seen a reduction in employment due to a decrease in business, others are seeing opportunity and are recruiting.

There are many parts to a job search. You need to consider your knowledge, skills, and previous experience and how they relate to the type of job you are seeking. These need to be reflected on your resume. For each job you apply for, your resume needs to demonstrate how you meet the requirements outlined in the job posting. Customizing your resume for each job you apply for is important.

Social media has become an important part of the job search process as well. LinkedIn is the most widely used professional networking website. Most employers and recruiters have a presence on LinkedIn and they use it as part of their talent acquisition (i.e. recruiting) process. Potential employers may look for you on social media sites, so it is important your social media presence is professional.

where do you find job opportunities?

Three common sources for job opportunities are the hidden job market, networking, and online job postings.

Hidden Job Market

The hidden job market are jobs that are not posted online or advertised. Employers may use headhunters, referrals, or they may decide to move a current employee into the role. Connect with your friends, family, and professional network to let them know you are looking for a new opportunity. They may be aware of roles that are not advertised.


The hidden job market is one of the reasons networking is so important. Although in-person gatherings are currently not happening, you can still network. Be sure to connect with friends, family and your professional networks through social media, emails, and phone calls. Schedule a virtual coffee meeting and informational interviews phone call.

Conferences, events, job fairs and webinars are still occurring online, with many offered at no cost. They are a great way to meet people and learn about available opportunities. To find these events, sign up for updates and newsletters from companies, organizations and professional associations in sectors where you would like to work. These events are also often posted on social media, so be sure to regularly check LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms utilized by organizations you are interested in.

Online Job Postings

Jobs can be posted on the websites for individual companies, professional and umbrella organizations, and job posting sites. Job aggregating sites like the WEjobs Board display jobs from several job boards on one site. WEjobs displays jobs from 43 different job posting sites in Windsor-Essex and allows you to sort by industry, skill level, job type, location, and duration. Some websites allow you to set up alerts that send you an email or text when a job opportunity is posted that matches your interests. These can save you time so you do not have to check dozens of websites regularly. Sign up for WEjobs Email to receive emails about new job postings and information about upcoming job fairs and training opportunities right to your inbox.

Learn something new

This is a great time to learn a new skill, attend a webinar, or take an online course. With training moving from in-person to online because of the pandemic, there are more options for learning something new. There are also several organizations that offer job search training and support in Windsor-Essex. These are posted on our website, so check it regularly! The Tri-County Literacy Network also offers many programs in Windsor-Essex. In addition, there are inexpensive options like LinkedIn Learning, which is free for the first month and has hundreds of courses across dozens of topics. Industry associations also offer training, as do colleges and universities. Even Harvard University offers free online training in various subjects!

Take time for yourself

Finding a new opportunity is time consuming. It can be stressful and difficult at times. This is not unusual and many people are experiencing the same thing. Create a daily schedule that includes taking time for self-care. Volunteer. Do things you enjoy. Get outside. Get some exercise. Read a book. Watch a movie. Talk to friends. Try a new recipe. Be sure to take time for yourself every day. Finding work during a pandemic is challenging but your new opportunity is out there!

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