Workforce WindsorEssex Promotes Transportation Sector with New Career Resources

New career portal and virtual learning event highlights local in-demand job opportunities

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October 4, 2021

WINDSOR, ON – Today, Workforce WindsorEssex, the region’s workforce planning board, launched new career resources to help students, jobseekers, and career changers learn more about the benefits of pursuing a Transportation and Warehousing career in Windsor-Essex.

In an ever-connected world, the logistics of how our goods and services are delivered is growing and evolving at a rapid pace, and Windsor-Essex is no different. From Transport Truck Drivers to Material Handlers, our region is seeing a demand for those who want to be an integral part of everything from delivering home goods to raw materials. Today, Workforce WindsorEssex is shining a spotlight on the high demand for Transportation and Warehousing workers locally by providing interviews and profiles about people working on the front line in a new Transportation and Warehousing Career Portal.

The new resources announced today include:

  • A new Transportation and Warehousing Career Portal covering in-demand occupations in the sector, including Transit Operators, Delivery and Courier Service Drivers, and Dispatchers. Emerging roles in cybersecurity and information technology emphasized by industry leaders are highlighted as well, such as Software Engineers and Computer Networking Technicians. This portal also shares information about the skills required for these positions, local wages and salary, local educational programs, and up-to-date available career opportunities.
  • The release of new Workforce Interviews featuring workers in Transportation and Warehousing. These interviews will be released between June 2021 and November 2021. Readers can gain direct insights into the workdays and motivations for local workers in the sector, as well as why these workers encourage jobseekers to consider a career in Transportation and Warehousing.
  • An online event called “A Virtual Look Inside Transportation and Warehousing” was held on June 2. Local secondary school students and jobseekers were in attendance to hear from industry professionals at Invest WindsorEssex, SmartCone Technologies, Switzer-Carty Transportation, LKQ, and Geotab. These professionals shared what led them to their position, their job duties, and what educational requirements are needed for their position. Participants during the live event had the opportunity to ask the speakers questions to learn more about how their position is playing a role in the industry, now and in the future, as well as how best to pursue a career in Transportation and Warehousing.

Together, these new resources will help promote the variety of careers available in Transportation and Warehousing to students, jobseekers, and career changers who want to find new job opportunities that they may not have previously considered.

These resources can be found at



“As the world becomes more connected, so do our transportation systems, including roadways, warehouse operations, and cars themselves. To keep up with ever-changing technology we need to ensure that training opportunities are available for those looking to learn new skills, keeping Windsor-Essex as a champion in the automotive and automobility fields.”

  • Tashlyn Teskey, Manager of Projects & Research, Workforce WindsorEssex

“In creating the Transportation and Warehousing Career Portal, consultations with both local employers and local workers in the sector were instrumental in providing an important glimpse into these careers. There was a such a strong sense of enthusiasm for attracting new talent to careers, which was further reflected in our Virtual Sector event’s panelists. Moving forward, we’re excited for the portal to be a stepping stone for jobseekers, students, and the public to discover the many paths in this vital industry.”

  • Nik Prsa, Research Associate, Workforce WindsorEssex

“I think the Transportation and Warehousing Career Portal is an important resource to bring attention to the careers that the logistics and supply chain management can offer. It encompasses technology, customer service, transportation, and being able to solve meaningful problems daily. Over the coming years, we are going to see a shift from the ‘old way’ of doing business in the industry and watch it grow to a very technologically-advanced system.”

  • Patrick Thompson, Business Development Leader at ETTRACTIVE Inc. and Board Member of Windsor Transportation Club





Lindsey Rivait
Executive Assistant & Researcher
Workforce WindsorEssex


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