Workforce WindsorEssex Launches Report Highlighting Tech Sector in Windsor-Essex – March 18, 2024
New report outlines local resources, educational opportunities, and tech businesses and organizations in Windsor-Essex

Today, Workforce WindsorEssex released a report, The State of Tech: Insights into the Tech Sector in Windsor-Essex, identifying local resources for tech workers addressing the tech brain drain that has led to the relocation of local tech talent.

This new report highlights the impact and vitality of the tech sector in Windsor-Essex. Tech jobs expand over several key industries, providing essential support to the region. Tech’s importance to manufacturing and agriculture, the two largest sectors in the region, continues to grow. By demonstrating the expansive influence of the local tech industry, from education to employment, Windsor-Essex can encourage further investments, keep tech workers local, and attract new tech talent to further support the industry. 

Windsor-Essex’s tech job growth has outpaced the national average by 3%, demonstrating its elevated rise. However, the local median salary is nearly $10,000 less than the national median salary, making it difficult to retain talent in an increasingly interconnected world in which tech workers are globally sought after. On the other hand, tech employers’ benefit from operating within a labour market where wages are currently below the national average, providing them with a competitive edge in terms of operational costs. To retain top talent and foster a thriving tech ecosystem with junior, mid-level, and experienced tech workers, businesses must acknowledge the heightened demand for skilled professionals and be prepared to offer competitive wages commensurate with national industry standards. By recognizing the relationship between compensation and talent retention, Windsor-Essex can solidify its position as a hub for innovation and growth, ensuring mutual success for both employers and employees in the tech sector.

The report also reviews other barriers that the tech industry faces when it comes to expanding their size and scope, primarily the lack of a concentrated hub for tech businesses to connect, a relatively smaller market, and labour gaps when it comes to senior tech positions.

Windsor-Essex’s tech sector has been experiencing significant growth for over a decade. While leading innovation and exemplary educational programs have propelled the region toward a thriving tech industry, lower-than-average wages and the rise of remote work have contributed to a considerable tech brain drain in which local talent is relocating to other regions for tech employment. 

Recommendations for employers include connecting more with local educational institutions, better promotion of which programming languages and skills are at the forefront of tech to prepare students for work after graduation, and to connect with newcomers in our available workforce.

This Employment Ontario project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.


Windsor-Essex’s tech sector has experienced tremendous growth and expansion over the past few years, and we are excited to see the continued success of our local tech companies. We have a wealth of talent in the region, and need to work further to retain these workers. The State of Tech report provides recommendations that can help education, business, tech workers, and more.”

Kal Fakhreddin, Project Coordinator & Research Analyst, Workforce WindsorEssex

The Tech Economy report from Workforce WindsorEssex offers our region a snapshot of the current state of the tech economy, shedding light on key assets, such as our educational institutions and talent pool. It candidly addresses the barriers impeding tech sector growth while also highlighting the opportunities poised to propel the sector forward. As we review this report, it’s crucial to acknowledge the pivotal role of technology in driving economic growth and enhancing our competitive edge on the global stage. The digital economy’s expanding influence across social, environmental, and cultural spheres further emphasizes the need to embrace and prioritize our tech sector.”

Yvonne Pilon, President and CEO, WEtech Alliance

Under Premier Ford’s leadership, Ontario is creating the conditions for entrepreneurs and businesses to innovate and grow a world-leading tech sector. Our government will continue to ensure workers have the opportunity to develop their skills and land well-paying, highly in-demand careers in the tech sector and beyond.”

Hon. David Piccini, Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development

Le secteur de la technologie de Windsor-Essex a connu une croissance et une expansion phénoménale au cours des dernières années, et nous sommes ravis de voir que le succès continu chez nos entreprises technologiques locales. Nous disposons d’un véritable vivier de talents dans la région et nous devons travailler davantage pour fidéliser ces travailleurs. Le rapport sur l’état de la technologie propose des recommandations qui peuvent aider les institutions en éducation, les entreprises, les travailleurs technologiques, et bien plus encore.”

Kal Fakhreddin, Project Coordinator & Research Analyst, Workforce WindsorEssex

Le Rapport sur l’économie technologique de Workforce WindsorEssex offre à notre région, un aperçu de l’état de l’économique technologique, en mettant en lumière les atouts clés, tels que nos institutions éducatives et notre bassin de talents. Il aborde franchement les obstacles entravant la croissance du secteur technologique tout en mettant en avant les opportunités susceptibles de faire avancer le secteur. En examinant ce rapport, il est crucial de reconnaître le rôle de la technologie dans la stimulation de la croissance économique et l’amélioration de notre avantage concurrentiel sur la scène mondiale. L’influence croissante de l’économie numérique à travers les sphères sociales, environnementales et culturelles souligne davantage la nécessité d’adopter et de prioriser notre secteur technologie.

Yvonne Pilon, President and CEO, WEtech Alliance

Sous la direction du Premier ministre Ford, l’Ontario crée les conditions propices aux entrepreneurs et aux entreprises pour innover et développer un secteur technologique de premier plan mondial. Notre gouvernement continuera à garantir aux travailleurs la possibilité de développer leurs compétences et d’obtenir des emplois bien rémunérés et très demandés dans le secteur technologique et au-delà.

Hon. David Piccini, Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development

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