Workforce WindsorEssex Launches Report Highlighting Local Job Opportunities in the Green Industry – February 2, 2024
New report outlines green initiatives, education, jobs, and businesses in Windsor-Essex

Today, Workforce WindsorEssex released a report, The Green Economy in Windsor-Essex, to highlight the growth of the local green economy and the expanding job opportunities in the green industry. This Employment Ontario project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

As we move toward the goal of a continued sustainable green economy, which is defined as low-carbon, resource-efficient, and socially inclusive, local government and businesses can expect to face their own transition to more sustainable practices. Over the next few years, key industries in Windsor-Essex will be integral to sustaining an environmentally-conscious economy and introducing green jobs locally, namely manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation.

The report outlines green jobs that can currently be pursued in Windsor-Essex, as well as occupations that will be introduced as the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector develops after recent investments in the industry. It also highlights local educational programs that can lead students toward green jobs.

To support the local transition to a green economy and the development of green jobs, recommendations for community partners and decision-makers include:

  • Developing and expanding local green initiatives and programs;
  • Creating incentives for green businesses to limit their impact on the environment; and
  • Promoting sustainability practices and increasing awareness of the climate crisis to engage community members.

Recommendations for employers include:

  • Participating in accelerator programs geared toward green businesses;
  • Connecting with other local green businesses to create a strong network and ease knowledge-sharing and collaboration; and
  • Researching training opportunities to upskill staff and introduce them to sustainability practices that could be implemented to the workplace.

​Recommendations for jobseekers include:

  • Researching pathways for green jobs that match your skill-set or interests;
  • Developing your skills through certification, apprenticeship, and upskilling programs; and
  • Volunteering in the green industry to determine your interests and support environmental practices.

If you’re interested in a job in the green economy, this guidebook will help you understand which local educational programs are green-oriented, which green jobs are currently available and will soon be in-demand, and how to develop your skills to enter the green industry.


“As the local landscape continues to shift toward more sustainable practices, we can expect to see a similar transition in the local labour market, resulting in diverse job opportunities for jobseekers and a healthier environment for the community.”

Kal Fakhreddin, Research Associate, Workforce WindsorEssex

“The transition of Canada to a green economy will be the defining economic driver of the next century. Much like we saw non-tech companies begin adopting a tech workforce to drive their evolution over the last century, we will see a day when all businesses participate in efforts to become environmentally sustainable. Our region’s workforce is prime to meet this demand head on, both for jobs that exist today and the ones that will be vital for tomorrow.”

Adam Castle, Director of Venture Services, WEtech Alliance

Comme le paysage local continue d’évoluer vers des pratiques plus durables, on peut s’attendre à voir une transition similaire sur le marché du travail local, entraînant des opportunités d’emploi diversifiées pour les chercheurs d’emploi et un environnement plus sain pour la communauté.

Kal Fakhreddin, Associée de recherche

“La transition du Canada vers une économie verte sera le moteur économique déterminant du prochain siècle. Tout comme nous avons vu des entreprises non-technologiques commencer à adopter une main-d’œuvre technologique pour stimuler leur évolution au cours du siècle dernier, nous verrons un jour où toutes les entreprises participeront aux efforts visant à devenir écologiquement durables. La main-d’œuvre de notre région est prête à relever ce défi, tant pour les emplois existants aujourd’hui que pour ceux qui seront essentiels demains.”

Adam Castle, Director of Venture Services, WEtech Alliance

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