Welcome to WEnav!

Funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, WEnav is a career counselling program for youth (ages 12-30) designed to guide youth in finding their ideal career pathways while teaching them the skills and knowledge required for effective career navigation and career success.

The WEnav Project

The Ontario Trillium Foundation funded Workforce WindsorEssex (WFWE) for a 2 year project to research and develop a career counselling program for youth. WFWE researched the needs of the Windsor-Essex community, best practices, and career theory. WFWE consulted with community partners in the development of WEnav and completed 2 pilot phases of WEnav in order to develop this comprehensive program for career practitioners to use as they wish.

Advice from Professionals for Youth

“Know Yourself. Figure out who you are and what you want.” – Joy Argue, YES Employment Services, North Bay

“Find your passion! Enjoy your jobs – which may lead to a wonderful, fulfilling career.” – Judy Crooks, PCRS.

“Understand yourself and identify dreams to reach and exceed goals in the ever changing world of work.” – Georgina Vincent, Facilitator, Tillsonburg Multi Service Centre and Employment Services, Tillsonburg

“Do your research and become actively involved in planning and managing your career. Research can be a lot of fun and it can involve videos, talking to people who work in a career you might be interested in and taking tours of a plant or office. Help is available for you! ? ” – Debrah Marshall, Costi

“Mind your brand! You have ONE 1st impression when meeting people. Make an impact! Do you remember the BIG RED FLOWER? ? ” – Susie Mangar, CHRP, CHRL, Project Lead, Magnet, Toronto