Below is a list of resources to help you search for jobs within Windsor-Essex County. These resources are designed to help you reflect on your volunteer and paid work experiences. By reflecting on your past experiences, you will have the opportunity to create connections to jobs that require your skills within Windsor-Essex County.

Getting Started

Exploring new careers

Skills and knowledge

Looking Ahead

Additional Resources

These resources can be useful when looking for supplemental information for career exploration.

Learning about the local workforce

Guide to Learning About Local Workforce Systems

5 Learning Trends You Need to Know to Keep your Workforce Ahead of Innovation

Windsor Star Workforce Articles

Exploring new careers

St. Clair College Career Services

University of Windsor Career Development & Experiential Learning

mySkills myFuture- Career Matching

Making an action plan

Free Action Plan Templates

How to Make an Action Plan

How can you benefit from Action Planning?

Skill development

How to Develop your Skills

How to Recognize & Develop your Skills

Develop Your Work Skills


WEmap jobs

WEjobs Board

5 Great Resources to Help You Brainstorm New Career Directions