The resources you will find below are ones that are created for you to complete independently or with your child so that you can explore what kind of interests align with career opportunities within the area of Windsor-Essex County. Through the use of self-reflection and labour market research, you will gain valuable insight about connecting yourself to upcoming jobs within the area.

Getting Started

Exploring new careers

Skills and knowledge

Looking Ahead

Additional Resources

These resources can be useful when looking for supplemental information for career exploration.

Learning about the local workforce

Guide to Learning About Local Workforce Systems

Everything You Need to Know About Workforce 2.0

Windsor Star Workforce Articles

Exploring new careers

St. Clair College Career Services

University of Windsor Career Development & Experiential Learning

mySkills myFuture- Career Matching

5 Ideas for Exploring New Career Opportunities

Making an action plan

Free Action Plan Templates

The Seven Steps of Action Planning

How to Create an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Skill development

6 Ways You Can Build Skills Without Asking Anyone for Help

5 Ways to Test-Drive a New Career

Parents’ Guide to Developing Your Child’s Life Skills


Experiential Learning Guide for Parents

Career Toolkit for Parents

Setting Career Goals for Parents