WE $UCCEED LogoWorkforce WindsorEssex, in partnership with Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc. (W.E.S.T.) was awarded funding through Status of Women Canada to launch a project called W.E. $UCCEED: Beyond the Status Quo.

W.E. $UCCEED: Beyond the Status Quo is a youth-led research project aimed at strengthening girls’ and young women’s economic prosperity.

The aim of this project:

  1. Address economic issues impacting girls and young women in the Windsor-Essex community.
  2. Educate girls and young women on career opportunities in skilled trades, science, technology, engineering, and math.
  3. Encourage community partners to take specific action to improve girls’ and young women’s fulfillment of their economic potential.

The project took a two-pronged approach:

A Youth Leadership Council made up of 36 youth between the ages of 14-25 conducted research through focus groups and surveys of their peers and determined the barriers impacting girls’ and young women’s economic success.

A Community Advisory Committee made up of variety of partners including employers, political leaders, educators, community agencies and others, discussed the barriers present within their own organizations.

Throughout the project, these two groups worked together and took specific actions to breaking down these barriers.

A Prosperity Map outlining strategies and recommendations to support girls and young women economic prosperity was created to help improve access to opportunities for girls and young women.

Together we can strengthen girls’ and young women’s economic prosperity.