Google Streetview Tours

Here is a list of the virtual reality workplace tours in Google Streetview format in our VR Tour Library.

 How to View

Google Streetview tours

These can also be explored directly on this webpage. To view these in virtual reality, follow these steps:

    1. Download the Google Streetview app on your smartphone device
    2. Using the app, search for the workplace listed on this page that you would like to explore
    3. Once you have opened the tour, select the icon in the top right hand corner
    4. Insert your smartphone into your Google Cardboard device, and explore!


EnerQuest Services Inc., Harrow

(Produced by: EnerQuest Services Inc)


Interstone Windsor Inc, Windsor

(Produced by: Interstone Windsor Inc.)

Oliver Signs, Windsor

(Produced by: Oliver Signs)



EPICentre at the University of Windsor

(Produced by: EPICentre)


The Toy Box Early Education Centre

(Produced by: The Toy Box Early Education Centre)


Kinetic Konnection Tecumseh

(Produced by: Kinetic Konnection Tecumseh)

Essex Physical Therapy

(Produced by: Essex Physical Therapy)