How to know if you need to upskill and how to do so during a pandemic

The workforce is changing, and as technology advances, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) becomes more dominant in the workplace. Along with machines, A.I. has been displacing jobs that humans once performed. Employers have begun to adopt A.I. into their workplace as physical distancing becomes the most necessary strategy for preventing transmission of COVID-19 among employees. However, this does not mean that A.I. is taking over the workforce. It just means that it will change how people work. Changing how you work will require upscaling your work skills. Access to skill development programs might be scarce and challenging if you are not living in a high-populated urban area.

How to know if you need to upgrade your skills?

Think about how work has changed for you since the beginning of the pandemic. Are you working from home? Are you on temporary leave? Have your hours been reduced? If you experienced any change in the workforce due to the pandemic, now might be the time to upscale your skills to make yourself more marketable in the labour market. Start thinking about what skills you need to upscale with a simple Google search of “jobs near me” to see what employment opportunities are in demand in your area.

If you are on the Workforce WindsorEssex website, start at the main page. Click on “Explore Careers”.

Once you have made yourself familiar with what jobs have become available since the pandemic, start your search for the right skill development program.


Where to go to upgrade your work skills during a pandemic?

Depending on your geographic location, you might have the ability to attend a facility that offers skill development/upscaling programs you can apply to the current job demand, or that might help with job transitioning. If not, online training made available through organizations, businesses, and educational institutions can support you in upscaling your skills. If you do not have access to a device and the internet, attend one of your local libraries. They remain open and are committed to providing their communities with service while maintaining physical distancing during the pandemic.

If you are on the Workforce WindsorEssex website, start at the main page. Click on “Improve your Skills”.

You will then be directed to the skill development page that provides upcoming training opportunities, resume writing, interview tips, and job fair guides.


Other ways to see what upscaling skill development programs are available is to take keywords found in the “qualifications and skills” section in job postings and place them into a search engine. For example, if you currently have experience in science and math, but your workplace is changing to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions, then consider automation jobs. Searching “Automation programs near me” will result in many training programs offered in either your area, areas nearby, or online programs. One result was the Electronics Engineering Technology- Industrial Automation program at St. Clair College. Programs like this can help you upscale your skills and qualify you for a wide range of jobs.

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