About the Project

Transportation has been identified by both job seekers and employers as a local barrier to employment. Job seekers who do not have a reliable method of transportation are often limited by geography in terms of the employment opportunities they can access, while employers located beyond public transit routes have also indicated that growing their workforce is limited by the inability for some potential employees to access their facility through transportation. Workforce WindsorEssex sought to address the transportation issue by identifying and mapping geographic areas where job openings are located and geographic areas where unemployed or underemployed people reside, as well as overlaying public transportation routes. Furthermore, we highlighted best practices for transportation for employment from local and provincial examples and made recommendations to address the issue.

This project falls under the Integrated Planning LEPC Pillar and was overseen by the Employer Engagement Working Group.

Transportation and Mapping Tool

In February 2019, under the third phase of the LEPC, an improved mapping tool called WEmap jobs replaced this tool.

Access the transportation and mapping tool by clicking below: