Project Overview


To assist local employers in preparing for an influx of retirements, the LEPC has disseminated research on the aging workforce and best practices through a Workforce Summit in February 2019, and an online information hub.

Project Timeline

October 1, 2018 to March 29, 2019


Project Status – COMPLETED

The Redefining Retirement Workforce Summit was held at St. Clair Centre for the Arts on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 between 8:00am and 1pm. The event was open to employers to learn about the aging workforce, exchange ideas with other employers, and learn from best practice speakers. In total, there were five speakers, including 4 best practice speakers and a luncheon keynote address by Tony Haddad, Chief Administrative Officer, for the Town of Tecumseh. The four best practice speakers adresed topics such as Knowledge Transfer, Engaging an Aging Workforce, Offering Benefits to an Older Workforce, and a case study talk from Tepperman’s about what the local retailer has learned after 95 years in business. Aging research was incorporated into our Sector Dashboard project so users can find everything they are looking for in one tool. The link to this tool as well as the new information hub was announced to be publicly available online as of February 20th, 2019.


Project Rationale:

Baby boomers are retiring in greater numbers every year. Locally, both private and public employers have expressed to the media concerns about their aging workforce and anticipated rate of staff turnover in the future. Workforce WindsorEssex will be undertaking the Redefining Retirement project to help employers in our region better prepare for this retirement wave through research, engagement, and information sharing.

Through Statistics Canada data and consultations with employers, Workforce WindsorEssex will develop a “research profile” on the impact aging will have on our local workforce by sector. This research will be shared at a Workforce Summit event that will bring together representatives from industry, employment services, training, education, and government, to share research, best practices and discuss solutions by sector. The Workforce Summit will be planned in partnership with Economic Development and postsecondary institutions in the region. Potential topics that best practice speakers might address include succession planning, micro employment, knowledge transfer, etc. Industry breakouts will be organized as part of the Workforce Summit to further the conversation by sector.

In addition, Workforce WindsorEssex will also create an online information hub for employers and older workers. The hub will provide information about government services and programs, highlight volunteer and micro-employment opportunities, as well as share other 3rd party resources that will help older workers and employers find a path forward during this transformative time.


Project Contact:

Corey Shenken, Project Coordinator & Researcher

226-674-3220 ext. 858