Power Engineering Technologists operate and maintain the energy components of power plants in industrial, commercial and large residential buildings, hospitals and schools. Their work involves monitoring, adjusting, analyzing and solving problems with power boilers, turbines, compressors, refrigeration chillers, pumps and other related equipment. They may also assist Mechanical Engineers in the planning and design of power plant systems and operations. Day to day responsibilities can include conducting visual inspections and tests to ensure safety and optimum performance, ensuring that provincial and federal regulations are adhered to, and respond to emergency situations.

This program will help prepare you to challenge the TSSA 4th, 3rd, and 2nd Class Operating Engineer exams. It will also prepare you for operational, maintenance, supervisory and management roles in industrial settings. You’ll gain knowledge and skills of plant operation and maintenance, at the 4th Class level in first year, the 3rd Class level in second year, and the 2nd Class level in your final year. Practical knowledge will be performed in our newly renovated million dollar power plant lab.