Manager of Project and Community Development

Kelsey Santarossa is the Manager of Project and Community Development and WE Value Community Engagement Coordinator for the WE Value Partnership. She is responsible for tracking the project’s challenges and successes while working collaboratively with all IRCC funded agencies to support the development and implementation of a new standardized settlement needs-assessment.

Kelsey received her BA in Modern Languages and Certificate in Second Language Education from the University of Windsor before pursuing an OCELT designation through The Canadian College of Educators in Mississauga.

Prior to joining the Workforce team, Kelsey worked in the settlement sector as a bilingual language assessor. She was a business owner and dedicated youth council member.

Currently, Kelsey is the founder and lead of The Youth Council Coalition of Canada, an innovative non-profit working to foster the development, success and influence of municipal youth councils. She has also been elected to office in Lakeshore as Ward 3 Councillor for the 2018-2022 term.

In all areas, Kelsey seeks to bring energy, experience and passion to the task at hand.

226-674-3220 ext. 853