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Subject Line: REGISTER TODAY: Become an Open Doors Workplace

“Hello _________

I wanted to take a moment to share a new Workforce WindsorEssex project with you – Open Doors-Portes Ouvertes. This initiative strives to bridge the gaps between students and employers for experiential learning opportunities. An Open Doors Employer is a company or organization that welcomes in students (or provides staff) for experiential learning opportunities like tours, speaking engagements, or placements (ex: co-op, apprenticeships, or internships). We have created a new registration tool where employers can share their opportunities for students and their educators to browse.

Open your doors to your future workforce! Help students learn about different careers in WindsorEssex. We invite you, or your employer, to register your Open Doors Opportunity.

Please list an opportunity on the registration page if you: 

  • Are willing to host experiential learning opportunities for students (co-op, apprenticeship, etc).
  • Have the capacity to offer on-site tours to student groups looking to learn more about your industry.
  • Are an individual who is willing to speak to students about your career or sector (ex: on a panel event or in an informational interview).

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Sarah at”


Support educators and students as they explore future career opportunities in Windsor-Essex through the Open Doors Project!
Share your experiential learning opportunities:

  • Placements (co-ops, internships, apprenticeships)
  • Staff available for speaking engagements
  • Availability for workplace tours

Only you have the key to open the door to your future workforce


Soutenez les éducateurs et les étudiants dans leur exploration des opportunités de carrière futures à Windsor-Essex.

Partagez vos opportunités d’apprentissage expérientiel :

  • Placements (coopératives, stages, apprentissages)
  • Personnel disponible pour des allocutions
  • Disponibilité pour les visites des lieux de travail

Vous seul avez la clé pour ouvrir la porte à votre future main d’œuvre

The Open Doors Project: closing the gaps between students and employers for experiential learning opportunities.

Share your experiential learning opportunities!


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