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This week, we met with Markie Tuckett who is an award winning Designer and the Founder of Timber + Plumb, a kitchen and cabinetry design company in Windsor, Ontario. You can learn more about Interior Designers and Interior Decorators through our detailed Career Profiles.

More about Timber + Plumb:
“Timber + Plumb specializes in kitchen and bath design as well as anything else that involves cabinetry. We work exclusively as a kitchen design studio that partners with custom Canadian cabinetry manufacturers and applies their product to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing design for your space. We partner with local construction companies and trades to ensure the work is done to the client’s utmost standard.”

What does an average day look like for you?

An average day for me is different every day depending on what’s in my day-planner. I do everything and anything such as; Initial consultations with clients and initial presentations, designing spaces for clients, ordering cabinetry, hardware, and countertops, picking up product for clients, delivery product and cabinetry to clients, site visits to meet with trades, installation packages, meeting with other business owners etc.. Each day is different so it always keeps me on my toes and keeps everything fresh and interesting.

How long have you been in the job? What got you into this career?

My last day of my post-secondary education I was hired for a job in the kitchen design field. I’ve been designing for almost 6 years in many different areas of Ontario such as Midland, Muskoka, Barrie, Collingwood, Toronto, Cobourg, Richmond Hill, Windsor, Kingsville, Essex, etc.. I think what really got me into this career field is just a love for cabinetry and creating something out of nothing.

What is the best part of your job?

Best part of my job is being my own boss – entrepreneurship is not always sunshine and rainbows but it really is very rewarding. Besides being an entrepreneur, the best part would be watching client’s reactions when they see what their space could be vs. what it is now.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Most challenging part of my job is designing within all different types of budgets. I have clients from first time home buyers who have very small budgets to large scale renovations who have a larger size budget. Learning the ins and outs of your product line and what you can offer each individual client in the home is an extremely valuable too.

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Work for someone who includes you in every aspect of their day. When I started out in the kitchen and bath industry, I learned the most by just experiencing the good the bad and the ugly. This gives you a good perspective on dealing with almost any situation and better prepares you to look like a superstar at work.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned working in this role?

Be confident in yourself and your work – as a designer there is no better feeling than someone loving your designs and product as much as you do. The moment they sense you don’t take pride in your work they pull back and question your efforts.

Why is Windsor-Essex a unique place to work in this field?

Windsor-Essex area is a very unique area to work in because not only do we have a lower priced housing market than places such as Toronto and surrounding areas, we have all different types of locations to live. People are flocking to the area because they have so many different types of homes. From brand new builds to historical century homes to waterfront properties to farmlands. With the area being so large and with so many different pockets, it makes designing each project fresh and interesting.

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Photographs By: Rachel Soulliere- Lively Creative Co.