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Part Time Work and Special Interest Searches: Top Occupations and In-Demand Jobs for Windsor-Essex for October 2023

For October 2023, we’re delving into the most searched-for and in-demand occupations, but are also looking at part time versus full time as well as special interest searches on the Job Board– that is, what special filters are jobseekers using to find the job posts best-suited to their lives.

In October, there were 5,211 total active job postings from 1,737 companies for a decrease of 2% from the previous month’s 5,325 total active job postings. We also saw a 5% decrease in new job postings in October over September, with 2,652 new jobs posted in the month of October. The Job Board received 26,240 job post clicks, up 5% from the previous month.

The top 15 searched-for occupations overall in Windsor-Essex for October 2023 on the Job Board were:

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These numbers are specific to the Job Board. To learn more about the occupations listed in these tables, visit the Career Library.

Occupations that saw a significant increase in search instances in October as compared to September include Cashiers (up 184.9%); Material Handlers (up 47.2%); Store Shelf Stockers, Clerks and Order Fillers (up 45.9%); Delivery and Courier Service Drivers (up 26.7%); and Administrative Assistants (up 15.4%). Most of these occupations are related in part to the Retail Trade sector and it appears that jobseekers may be anticipating increased hiring ahead of the busy retail holiday season.

On the other hand, the following occupations saw a significant decrease in search instances in October as compared to September: Construction Trades Helpers and Labourers (down 28.9%); Retail Salespersons (down 22.1%); Light Duty Cleaners (down 19.4%); and Janitors, Caretakers and Building Superintendents (down 16.1%).

The top 20 in-demand occupations by local employers for October 2023 were:

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On the demand side, Store Shelf Stockers, Clerks and Order Fillers saw a significant increase in demand, up 68.4% in October as compared to September, which also aligns with the increase in search instances for this occupation. Other occupations that saw a significant increase in demand this month include: Mechanical Engineers (up 38.0%), Electrical and Electronics Engineers (up 13.6%), and Material Handlers (up 7.4%).

It is interesting to note that Store Shelf Stockers, Clerks and Order Fillers and Material Handlers both saw increases while Retail Salespersons saw a 16.0% decrease. Hiring for the retail sector ramps up around this time of year in order to interview, onboard, and train new staff to work the busy holiday season. We may see more of an uptick in these occupations in November’s numbers.

Also experiencing a significant decline in demand in job postings in October as compared to September are Transport Truck Drivers (down 26.6%); Construction Trades Helpers and Labourers (down 24.4%); Food Service Supervisors (down 24.3%); Janitors, Caretakers and Building Superintendents (down 20.3%); and Home Support Workers, Housekeepers and Related Occupations (down 18.3%).

It should be noted that while job posts are down for these occupations, they are all still very much in demand in Windsor-Essex.

Hiring by 2-Digit NAICS:

In looking at Hiring by 2-Digit NAICS, we can see how in-demand different sectors are in Windsor-Essex.

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Despite being down slightly in October as compared to September, the Retail Trade sector was once again the top hiring sector in the region. Wholesale Trade was also up 17.0% in October. Looking at the sectors that saw declines, we see that job postings in Educational Services is down 19.6%, which can be expected as the school year began in September and most hiring would have been completed prior to that. Accommodation and Food Services is down 17.0%, which would be attributed to the end of summer and tourism season. Construction is down 12.5%, as it is seasonal work and we are heading into the colder months.

Job Type and Job Duration Interest:

As noted in last month’s article, Statistics Canada reported that, nationally, one million people (or 5.4% of all people that are employed) held multiple jobs. A trend we’ve seen regionally on the Job Board is the increased interest in filtering for part time work versus full time work, however, there seems to be the greatest interest in permanent work overall, as compared to temporary or contract work.

As compared to September, October saw a small decrease in interactions for those looking for part time work. Of the 1,087 users filtering the Job Board by job type, 63.5% (or 690 users) selected part time (down from 69.2% in September, but up from 57.4% in August). Still, many were filtering for permanent work as well (72.9% or 153 users).

In terms of job demand, while most users are filtering for part time work, the majority of jobs posted are for full time positions. Of the jobs listed on the Job Board for October, 80.3% were for full time positions with 88.7% of total jobs being permanent.

Special Interest Searches:

Did you know that on the Job Board, users can filter through various special interest tags? This can be found in the “All Tags” option in the menu located on the left (demonstrated above).

Of those jobseekers using the special interest tags, of the 165 instances of these filters being used, 29.7% (or 49 instances) were to filter for Work From Home jobs. Additionally, looking at the list of keywords used on the Job Board, there were 21 searches for remote work (including the terms remote, remote flexible job, remote jobs, and remote jobs in Windsor) and 14 for work from home (including the terms work from home, work at home, and work from home hcl).

We are also starting to see an increase in those looking for Electric Vehicle Sector jobs, with 3.6% of filtering instances in October. As the region gets closer to the opening of the new EV Battery Plant, this will be something to watch.

Top Hiring Employers:

Looking at the companies posting jobs in Windsor-Essex, the below table shows the top 10 hiring companies in the region.

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Here, we can see where the increase in some job postings in certain sectors and occupations are from more specifically. For instance, Segula Technologies Canada Inc. and RACAR Canada Inc. both hire Mechanical Engineers and Electrical and Electronics Engineers (both occupations experiencing a significant increase in demand in October), while Retail Salespersons and Store Shelf Stockers, Clerks and Order Fillers would be hired by the Retail Sector by employers like Loblaw Companies Limited, Zehrs, and Shoppers Drug Mart. If you are interested in these types of occupations, the list of the top employers for the region is a great place to start.



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