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Looking Ahead to the Winter: Top Occupations and In-Demand Jobs for Windsor-Essex for November 2021

As of October 25 2021, Ontario lifted capacity limits, including physical distancing requirements, in most settings where proof of vaccination is required. Additional restrictions were scheduled to lift on November 15 (which would include lifting capacity limits in higher-risk settings where proof of vaccination is required—night clubs, weddings in event spaces where there is dancing, and strip clubs, for example), however, this was paused on November 10 out of an abundance of caution as the province monitors public health trends.

With the identification and emergence of the Omicron variant in late November, we may see an additional impact on the employment landscape going into the winter.

November saw 7,104 total active job postings from 2,019 companies, for a decrease of approximately 1% over the previous month’s 7,171 total active job postings. The Job Board and Job Map received 22,788 interactions from 5,323 users (a decrease of 8.9% from the previous month).

The top 15 searched-for occupations overall in Windsor-Essex for November 2021 were:

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Retail Salespersons occupations tend to receive the most interactions and while the occupation is still high up on the list, it is down 38.01% from October 2021. Administrative Assistants, while also down from the previous month, sits as the most interacted-with occupation for November 2021.

There has been an increase in interest in General Office Support Workers (up 23.93%), Administrative Officers (up 16.08%), Transport Truck Drivers (up 22.22%), and Light Duty Cleaners (up 6.16%). Although these occupations are quite different, with the onset of winter and perhaps jobseekers looking for work they can do from home or in an office setting (General Office Support Workers and Administrative Officers) or that are not exposed to large crowds indoors for a long period of time (Transport Truck Drivers and Light Duty Cleaners).

The top 15 searched-for occupations by men in Windsor-Essex for November 2021 were:

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Searches for Transport Truck Drivers occupations saw a large increase in November (up 52.44% from October), while Retail Salespersons decreased (down 44.44%). With the holiday season quickly approaching, more people may be looking to get involved where there is extra demand while avoiding the person to person contact. It was a surprise to see the decline in interactions with Retail Salespersons occupations, with the busy holiday season upon us and need for workers at a high, so we will follow this over the next few months to see if this becomes a trend or not. Interactions with Security Guards and Related Security Occupations also increased by 16.42% in November, again likely due to a busy retail season as some businesses navigate the remaining COVID-19 public health measures, such as enforcing vaccination passports and wearing masks.

The top 15 searched-for occupations by women in Windsor-Essex for November 2021 were:

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As we saw in the overall searched occupations there is an increase in interactions with office occupations, with an increase in women interacting with Receptionists (up 36.99%) and General Office Support Workers (up 32.29%), although some office occupations have dropped, such as Administrative Assistants (down 14.1%), Administrative Officers (down 1.18%), and Medical Administrative Assistants (down 41.38%).

The top 20 in-demand occupations by local employers for November 2021 were:

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Retail Salespersons continues to be in high demand in the region, down slightly (6.77%) from the previous month. We are also seeing other occupations increase sharply in demand. Electrical and Electronics Engineers is up 24.74% in November, showing a continued demand for this occupation (in October, Electrical and Electronics Engineers were up 86.54% from September).

Also up significantly is the demand for Other Financial Officers, up 29.58% in November. Other Financial Officers includes professional occupations in finance not elsewhere classified such as financial planners, financial examiners and inspectors, financial investigators, financial underwriters, mortgage brokers, and trust officers. They are employed by banks, trust companies, investment firms, and governments, or they may be self-employed. This is also work that is typically performed in an office environment.

Job postings by six-digit NAICS for Windsor-Essex for November 2021

Looking at the top hiring sectors by six-digit NAICS, demand in the Insurance Agencies and Brokerages sector has increased 12.86% (from 70 job postings in October to 79 in November). With a robust housing market, many individuals are looking to buy and/or sell homes or are perhaps looking to better manage their income and savings as the pandemic persists and could account for the increase in demand for Other Financial Officers.

Job postings by two-digit NAICS for Windsor-Essex for November 2021

And while postings for Retail Salespersons were down slightly from the previous month, looking at hiring by two-digit NAICS shows that hiring in the Retail Trade sector is up 3.05% to 1,049 job postings (from 1,018 job postings in October). Not only does this constitute 14.76% of all job postings in Windsor-Essex, it also continues to be the highest number of job postings in the Retail Trade sector in Windsor-Essex that we’ve seen since we began tracking these numbers in October 2019.

Chart showing growth in Retail Trade sector in Windsor-Essex for November 2021

As the winter and upcoming holiday season approach, we will likely continue to see an increase in demand in the Retail Trade sector to accommodate an increase in holiday-related shopping.





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