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Hiring Demand in Manufacturing, Increased Interest in Educational Services: Top Occupations and In-Demand Jobs for Windsor-Essex for August 2022

While many sectors are recovering and workplaces are open, COVID-19 continues to be a concern. The Government of Ontario announced on August 31 that the mandatory five-day isolation period for individuals who test positive is scrapped as the province heads into back-to-school season. Locally, Dr. Shanker Nesathurai, Windsor-Essex County Health Unit’s Acting Medical Officer of Health, suggested employers take extra steps to keep their workers safe. We will see how this all impacts job search and demand as the cooler weather comes in shortly.

August saw 7,621 total active job postings from 2,159 companies for an increase of 19.7% over the previous month’s 6,369 total active job postings. This is the highest amount of total active job postings we’ve seen for the region since we began tracking the data in 2019. The previous record was 7,171 total active job postings in October 2021. The Job Board and Job Map received 23,204 interactions from 4,699 users (a user decrease of 21%). It is interesting to note that while the amount of job postings were the highest we have on record, those looking for jobs using the Job Board and Job Map decreased in August, indicating that it is still a jobseeker’s market.

The top 15 searched-for occupations overall in Windsor-Essex for August 2022 were:

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To learn more about the occupations listed in these tables, visit the Career Library.

Overall, August saw significant increases in interactions with a variety of occupations, including Administrative Officers (up 55.5% in August over July), Social and Community Service Workers (up 13.6% in August over July), and Material Handlers (up 12.4% in August over July).

At the same time, there were also decreases in interest in a variety of occupations, such as Home Support Workers, Housekeepers and Related Occupations (down 19.9% in August over July); Administrative Assistants (down 18.5% in August over July); and Retail Salespersons (down 13.8% in August over July).

The top 15 searched-for occupations by men in Windsor-Essex for August 2022 were:

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The top 15 searched-for occupations by women in Windsor-Essex for August 2022 were:

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Consistent with the beginning of the school year approaching in September, interactions with Early Childhood Educators and Assistants were up 142.1% among women in August over July.

The top 20 in-demand occupations by local employers for August 2022 were:

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This month saw a significant increase in demand for Automotive Service Technicians, Truck and Bus Mechanics and Mechanical Repairers. This occupation group inspect, diagnose, repair, and service mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems and components of cars, buses, and light and commercial transport trucks. They are employed by motor vehicle dealers, garages, truck and trailer dealerships, fleet maintenance companies, service stations, automotive specialty shops, transportation companies, and retail establishments which have automotive service shops. This group also includes mechanical repairers who perform major repairs and replacement of mechanical units on newly assembled motor vehicles. They are employed by motor vehicle manufacturing companies.

Demand in this occupation may be increasing due to the school year starting shortly, necessitating transportation upkeep for daily commutes and any transportation associated with moving prior to the start of the school year.

Many other occupations saw a significant increase in demand across the board in August over the previous month as well. Retail Salespersons, which are consistently in-demand, was up 58.1% in August over July and Other Customer and Information Services Representatives was up 53.2% in August over July. This could indicate that the companies that hire these occupations are recovering and that perhaps jobseekers have reevaluated what they are looking for in employment.

Hiring by 2-Digit NAICS:

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Demand in the Manufacturing sector increased 29.9% from 822 job postings in July to 1,068 in August.

Interestingly, while interest in the Educational Services sector increased as noted above, demand in the sector has remained relatively consistent over the past few months.

Hiring by 6-Digit NAICS:

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By looking at hiring by 6-digit NAICS, we can see the more specific types of establishments that were hiring in August.

The increase in hiring in the Manufacturing sector is coming largely from All Other Food Manufacturing (up 88.1% from 42 job postings in July to 79 in August), Automobile and Light-Duty Manufacturing (up 61.5% from 83 job postings in July to 134 in August), Cutlery and Hand Tool Manufacturing (up 14.8% from 61 job postings in July to 70 in August), and Industrial Mould Manufacturing (up 11.6% from 112 job postings in July to 125 in August).




As of April 2019, the monthly Job Demand Report for Windsor-Essex is created by Workforce WindsorEssex using data collected from 14 unique national, provincial and locally-significant job boards. Between May 2017 and March 2019, job posting data was purchased from CEB Talent Neuron.


The monthly Job Search Report for Windsor-Essex is created by Workforce WindsorEssex using data collected from four job finding tools, including WEexplore, WEmap jobs, WEjobs board, and the Bridge Timeline Tool. Gender and age information of users is voluntarily shared with the organization.

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