Project Overview

An interactive website providing local data on local labour market information, featuring webinars, resource materials and a user guide.


Project Status – COMPLETED

The LMI 101 project aimed to make labour market information more accessible in our community. In order to accomplish that goal we launched a new website that made exploring labour market information easier than ever. This new platform allowed us to post labour market data to our website, while also enabling some degree of interactivity like sorting and exporting. After launching our new website in January 2018, it has become the premier destination for online regional labour market information in Windsor-Essex.

Local Labour Market Data

We have created a webpage dedicated to grouping our local labour market data tools in one place so you can find key labour market information, including educational attainment, apprenticeships, demographics, migration, job demand, labour force survey results, as well as wage and worker data easier than ever. Learn about LMI, access data reports, request presentations from our team or make a custom data request by using the WEdata Hub webpage.

What Works Webinar Series

If you are looking for a walkthrough of our LMI related resources, check out our What Works Webinar series.

This series provides further explanation around what we do, how we do it, and how you can use it. We have created webinars that are specific to the needs of educators, students, parents, job seekers, job developers, employers, and government agencies. Each webinar is approximately an hour in length and will provide you with practical ways that you can further use our resources. These webinars would be suitable for a lunch and learn session with your team, or to show during a parent’s council meeting, in careers classes, during PD day sessions, as part of job seeker workshops, or to watch as part of your own professional development. You can also request an in-person presenter for group sessions by visiting

User Guide

For help in understanding how you can use LMI view our online user guide. This guide includes sections on how to use LMI for career exploration, business planning, economic development and human resources.

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