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Libro Credit Union has partnered with Workforce WindsorEssex to create two new online tools for the community designed to make finding and accessing local training and education programs in Windsor-Essex easier. A $68,000 investment from Libro will support the creation of a Training Board and a Career Choice Calculator. The tools are currently in development and will be released on Workforce WindsorEssex’s website in Summer 2021.

Windsor-Essex’s local economy has been disrupted by widespread lay-offs in multiple industries, including the removal of Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles’ third shift (1,500 jobs),
which have been worsened by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This project will work to alleviate the pressures currently experienced by laid-off workers and business owners by creating two online resources focused on coordinating local training opportunities.

The Training Board will share real-time supply and demand information about training opportunities in Windsor-Essex. Monthly reports will be generated to highlight the supply and demand of the listed training opportunities. This tool aims to improve the availability of real-time, place-based supply and demand information about training gaps and better coordinate the scattered delivery system that has jobseekers, students, and employers visiting numerous websites to find information on available training opportunities.

The Career Choice Calculator will outline the vast employment opportunities available in Windsor-Essex across many different sectors, while taking into consideration the time and cost of entering these careers locally and the expected salary to be earned. Supporting the current and future workforce to make informed career decisions will lessen the skills gap locally, improve employment outcomes of local post-secondary graduates, and increase the number of qualified jobseekers gaining meaningful employment.

Both of these resources will be hosted on the Workforce WindsorEssex website. Financial literacy training opportunities will also be highlighted on the site, as well as during joint presentations with Libro staff during in-person or online workshops, ensuring those gaining meaningful employment will have the capacity to sustainably support their families in the community, including securing adequate housing and improved access to food.


Workforce WindsorEssex and Libro are looking to identify organizations and individuals to consult and test prototypes for the upcoming tools. To support the project, please email Sarah at subject: Career Investment Tools.